Election 2014: A Guide to Woodbury's Feb. 4 Caucuses

Next week, the build up to November's elections begins with the parties' official caucuses around Minnesota.

Woodbury residents are represented by senate district 53, 53A or 53B.
Woodbury residents are represented by senate district 53, 53A or 53B.

Minnesota’s precinct caucuses are slated for Tuesday, Feb. 4 at 7 p.m. Find the location of your caucus by visiting the Minnesota Secretary of State’s website or see below for details.

Woodbury residents are represented by senate district 53, 53A or 53B. This November, numerous positions, including governor and U.S. Senator, will be elected. 

What's a caucus?

Minnesota’s major political parties are required to hold caucuses during each statewide election year.

A caucus is the first step for the party to select candidates and choose the party platform. However, at a caucus, there is more going on than just candidate selection. Participants also may select county committee chairs for state and national conventions.

For more information on what goes on at a caucus, click here.

If you’re a Democrat

Senate District 53, 53A and 53B Democrats will meet at Tartan High School, 828 Greenway Ave. in Oakdale.

If you’re an Independent

Senate District 53, 53A and 53B Independents will meet at Stillwater American Legion (Post 48103) 3rd St. in Stillwater.

If you're a Republican

Senate District 53, 53A and 53B Republicans will meet at East Ridge High School, 4200 Pioneer Drive in Woodbury.

Woodbury Patch will be posting what's happening around town with posts on social media and our website Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning.


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Joe Salmon January 31, 2014 at 03:29 PM
Once again, this article is misleading. The Caucus for 53A is at Woodbury High School. 53B is meeting at East Ridge. So if you are in 53A do not listen to the article - instead go to Woodbury High School.


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