Amendment Matters, Forum Feedback, Halloween Happenings: Best of the Blogs

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Here are this week’s blog posts—lots of political analysis, but also some great posts about food and fall. If you're interested in joining our Local Voices roll, email kris.janisch@patch.com.


Same Sex Marriage?

A discussion of the roots and implications of the same-sex marriage debate. (Thomas St Martin)

Embracing Our Struggle

“If I am not for myself, then who will be for me? And if I am only for myself, then what am I? And if not now, when?” —Rabbi Hillel (Margaret Wachholz)


Even though we have a great fire department in Woodbury, there have been a lot of fires in 2012. Here are some tips to prevent fires. (Caleb Brunz)

Boost That Immune System

Here are some tips to build your immunity for back to school. (Jane Kramer)

Halloween at Valley Creek Mall

Valley Creek Mall's indoor trick-or-treating event. (Tricia Wood)

Changing Colors

Fall truly is a beautiful time of year in many ways. (Rhonda Fitzgerald)

We continue to sell homes at record rates in to the month of October 2012! I am going to keep an eye on the vacant lot inventory and some upcoming city council decisions... (Matthew Johnson)


Farewell to the Ozoner

Once the sign of our modern society, the ozoner (drive-in theater) continues to disappear to the new modernity. (Eric Berg)

How to Restore Your iPhone or Smart Phone After Water Damage

Dropped your iPhone or smart phone in water? How to restore it to life! (Caleb Brunz)


What Happened to Empathy and Compassion?

As a community, we should try to bond, have empathy for another, and show compassion to those who really need it. (Rhonda Fitzgerald)

Apple Orchards: Right and Wrong

I got a second chance at apple delight this week when I toured the orchard and trails at Carpenter Nature Center. (Angie Hong)

Four Questions Every Family Should Ask During Fire Prevention Week!

Questions to ask yourselves if you are protected and ready for fire in your own home. (Caleb Brunz)

Vote No Once; Vote NO Twice

I have made up my mind on the Constitutional amendments, but would enjoy the chance to talk with everybody at Patch about them. Let's keep it nice. (Beth-Ann Bloom)


Pumpkin Streusel Cake with Maple Cinnamon Glaze

The pumpkins are being picked and the ovens' preheated. Enjoy this new pumpkin treat. What is your favorite pumpkin recipe? (Amy Johnson Rodriguez)

League Forum Leans Left

Thanks to the League of Women Voters for hosting the candidate forum. (Linda Stanton)

The Woodbury Forum for Senate District 53 Candidates

City Council chambers will filled for the forum on Tuesday night. We were two of those in the seats. It was an interesting evening. Then I looked at the political mail we've received... (Dick Bernard)


The Juicing Experience

I have been reading about how healthy juicing can be. Since I have been battling my weight for the past year due to Prednisone, I thought to myself: what is stopping you from giving it a try? (Rhonda Fitzgerald)


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