Best of the Blogs: Porter Sendoff, Great Outdoors, ‘Obama Cares’

Recapping the latest posts from Woodbury Patch bloggers.

What’s the word from your neighbors in Woodbury?

Here are this week’s blog posts—tackling everything from Obamacare to your best bets for enjoying the summer. If you're interested in joining our Local Voices roll, email kris.janisch@patch.com.


Celebration of Community offered a look back on Mark Porter's 32 years with South Washington County and a look ahead at what's to come for all of us who live by the 3 Ps. ()


'Tis grad party season—awkward walks up the driveway, stares from the family, and the notorious display boards bragging about the grad. But how do you survive when you barely know the grad at all? ()

It's beautiful out and what are you doing? If you are watching your sixth straight Jersey Shore episode, then you need to get outside. ()

The absorption rate is calculated by the number of homes for sale being divided by the number of pending properties in a given area. We can break that down based on home styles and price points. ()


Take Heart could help you save a life some day. That life is most likely to be someone you love. ()

It's as simple as a wave... ripples rolling softly to shore. ()

I've recently had a few clients ask me if caffeine can help with weight loss, specifically fat loss. ()


Author talks about the past year, summer plans and why she has neglected her blog; promotes the importance of reading and Bookawocky program at the library. ()


In a few hours, the Supreme Court will rule on what has come to be known as Obamacare. I've "been there, done that." I call the act, "Obamacares." My own experience... ()

Disheartened voters in Europe are frustrated and changing the tone across the continent. ()


When is the best time to by a computer? Should I wait and upgrade? I don't want my system to be out of date... What do I do? ()

Everyone talks about the main actors, but what's it really like to be an extra in a movie? That unnoticed girl in the background, hoping for just a second in the lens. I can tell you first-hand.


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