Man Who Accidentally Donated Gun to Goodwill: ‘Pure Panic’

Goodwill officials say they have not found the pistol.

Updated: 11:30 a.m., Thursday, Feb. 7.

The weapon has been found. See: Man Finds Missing ‘Goodwill Gun’

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Bryan Kendall, the man who told police he may have accidentally left a gun in with recent donations to Goodwill, said it was “probably the most irresponsible thing I’ve ever done.”

“Pure panic,” he said.

Kendall, of River Falls, Wis., said he had the pistol tucked away in a closet with some items he donated to Goodwill on Jan. 26. He didn’t notice the .22-calliber Smith & Wesson was missing until later, when he went to collect his other weapons for safe storage before a trip.

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He contacted police about the missing handgun, and was worried he might be in trouble with the law, and was also concerned for the safety of the Goodwill employee who came across it.

“Just a terrible feeling,” Kendall said.

Goodwill officials earlier this week told Patch they had not found the gun. Woodbury police were notified of the possibility that a gun had been donated to Goodwill by their counterparts in Wisconsin.

Kendall said he had a number of donations to make, and he and his wife dropped off items at the Woodbury and Hudson, Wis., locations to distribute the goods.

He said he was planning to follow up with Goodwill and law enforcement officials. Kendall said people should always double check the belongings they plan to donate.

“Unfortunately, it’s now missing,” he said. “To think that a few extra seconds could have made a difference.”


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