New Pedestrian Signal in Woodbury: Readers React

Folks seem pleased that the city has put in a new pedestrian signal at Lake Road and Wyndham Way.

A new became operational earlier this week, and Woodbury resident said it’s about time.

Many on the Woodbury Patch Facebook page said that with the new signal, officers should be on the lookout for cars going through the intersection without stopping.

Here’s what people had to say after we asked if drivers are actually going to stop for pedestrians there.

Mark: I think it's a great start. Wouldn't mind a squad out there at school start/end times. Lake is tough to cross at those times (5 likes)

Daniel: Maybe enforcing the law would help. Nobody wants to pay a fine. (2 likes)

Doreen: Perhaps our Reserve Officers could make a point to patrol/observe at this location to encourage compliance. (3 likes)

David: Interesting ... I used to live about 100 ft from there. It's a tough spot for pedestrian crossings because of the speed and the curve of the road. Plus, it's a thoroughfare for kids walking to the High School. (3 likes)

Doreen: I would take down the license plate number and call 911 and report the reckless driving.

Patch: @David, yeah, I mentioned the curve in the comments on the site. And good point about WHS/Ojibway. @Wendy, I always worry about that kind of situation.

Julie: how about putting a camera there that operates when kids are walking to school and going home...I stopped for someone to cross a couple of days ago and almost got rear-ended...people need to pay attention when driving!! (3 likes)

Mark: Can you get us a tunnel Julie? (3 likes)

Jill: No I think people are generally careless and do not see pedestrians for various reasons. If they don't stop at radio and central park place by the police station while a police officer is sitting there in the turn lane, why would they stop at lake? Happens to me daily. Drivers including the police just don't pay attention. Don't know how many people they are waiting for to get hit before people are actually ticketed. (1 like)

Laurie: I agree with all the above comments. I tried crossing during Woodbury days and almost got hit. There are many high schoolers that use this crosswalk and it is a dangerous place to cross. I like the idea of having that crosswalk monitored around school start and stop times. The cop who likes to hang out Sherwood and Woodlane could spend a few mornings over there. (1 like)

Eric: For the 10 years that I've lived here, Lake Road has been a speedway...not saying that's right, just more of an observation. A few years ago (last year? Can't remember, time is moving fast), I remember they closed the road and stripped the asphalt down to the base. The family and I walked along the compacted base and it wasn't ten steps before someone said, "Wow, this is the only time I've ever felt safe crossing this road." Back when my daughter was much smaller, I used to push her in her stroller in what I called the Tour de Playgrounds and we'd cross at that location--because I didn't want to go all the way to the controlled intersection...I always worried that someone was going to come roaring around the corners.

Beth: We crossed Lake last night on bikes and I told my husband that next time we should use the back way. Not only is it scary to cross the road, it is also dangerous to pass across the side roads. I am still baffled at how the sidewalks just end in this town with seemingly no logic. Try walking on Commonwealth (where our elementary school is). Painted lines substitute for sidewalks on an already narrow road. Tough to navigate that as people are talking on their phones and drinking coffee while driving. (5 likes)

Patch: Maybe it's because I grew up in St. Paul, but the no-sidewalk deal here still weirds me out sometimes. (2 likes)

Beth: Yes, we had them growing up also. I don't get the thinking that a painted line=sidewalk. Go wall in the road, kids. (1 like)

Beth: Walk, not wall.

Patch: Like Pink Floyd?

Beth: Exactly! I'm not sure if I am a bad typist or if I was auto corrected. (1 like)

Glen: Police were monitoring on Thursday morning! Thank you Woodbury PD!

Patch: Sweet!

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