Simon Says: Woodbury’s Stoplights Could Be Timed Better

Pizza delivery driver Jordan Simon, a Woodbury grad and student at UW-Stout, has some ideas for improving the city’s traffic flow. What do you think of his suggestions?

Ever think the stoplights in Woodbury are poorly timed?

Jordan Simon thinks so. And he spends a lot of time on the roads.

Simon, 20, is a pizza delivery driver for , and works 30 hours a week there during the summer.

Otherwise he’s a student at the University of Wisconsin-Stout, where he’s studying applied science and biotechnology. The 2010 graduate also comes home from UW-Stout to work on weekends during the school year.

While traversing the city in his 2005 Honda Accord delivering pizzas for the past three years, Simon has formed some opinions on Woodbury’s stoplights—and has some tips on how to improve traffic flow.

“Maybe there’s not a way to fix it, but I just feel like something could be done,” said Simon, who has lived in Woodbury his entire life.


Simon provided Patch with a list of his issues:

County Road 19/Woodbury Drive and County Road 16/Valley Creek. Light is too short for east- and westbound traffic on Valley Creek. Traffic gets extremely backed up, takes a few rotations to get through when rush hour traffic. If emergency vehicle drives through, entire light resets and doesn’t change for many minutes. Also, at night, only one way gets a light sometimes and the opposite direction has to wait for another rotation. Possible lane extension for westbound Valley Creek traffic (if room/if possible). Gets even more backed up when the light doesn’t change or last long.

Park Crossing/Eagle Valley and County Road 19/Woodbury Drive. Skips east- and westbound traffic on Park Crossing/Eagle Valley. Turn arrow goes, and then goes back to north-south traffic on County Road 19/Woodbury Drive, even if other traffic isn’t there. Takes too long to change as well. Traffic on Eagle Valley/Park Crossing gets really backed up.

Pinehurst Road and County Road 13/Radio Drive. Light takes way too long to change. Sit there for minutes. A lot of traffic is routed through Donegal, annoying to neighbors. Will not change for turn lane or Pinehurst traffic. Avoid at all costs.

I feel like a lot of times when driving across town, especially on Valley Creek/County Road 19 the lights are either all green, or all red. A matter of getting across town in 5 minutes versus 15 minutes.

Lake Road and County Road 19/Woodbury Drive is honestly my FAVORITE light in the entire city. I wish there was a turn lane so people don’t hog the entire HUGE lane for westbound traffic on Lake Road. It can easily be painted in, not sure if there is room for extension, or if it’s worth it because of the future road extension to four lanes on 19, but at least dedicate half of that lane to a right-hand turn lane to go northbound on 19.

What Do You Think?

Simon initially approached Patch about getting contact information for city and county transportation officials.

While he has yet to contact anyone, he said it might make sense to see what the rest of Woodbury thinks first. (He noted .)

So, does anything stand out to you? Give us your feedback (or thoughts of your own) in the comments section below.


On roundabouts, Simon said they should function well, but people still have trouble navigating them.

“I feel like it would be more efficient than what they have now,” he said.

And on traffic in general: “It’s kind of like the weather—it’s something to talk about.”

Finally: "I've never been pulled over, but I've been lucky."


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Tammy Baierl July 02, 2012 at 02:55 PM
Thanks to Jordan for bringing this topic up for discussion and to the Patch for allowing constructive comments by the citizens who drive in this community! I have lived in Woodbury for nearly 20 years. I love our community, it's a wonderful place to raise a family...but...I loathe the traffic light situation. It takes me nearly as long to drive two miles to get out of Woodbury as it does to drive 11 miles to work once I leave Woodbury. If the city would allow drivers to yield when making turns on green lights rather than forcing them to wait for arrows, it would ease a lot of driving frustration within the city and save gas in vehicles that sit idling at lights. At least during non rush hour times a flashing yellow caution arrow would be greatly appreciated. I have seen a couple of them in the city and have used them. They work great!
Kris Janisch July 02, 2012 at 03:09 PM
I think there are flashing yellows planned for a few lights in Woodbury. I saw a "City of Woodbury Engineering" handle for a Patch user. Maybe they know which ones and when.
Elroy Baierl July 02, 2012 at 03:48 PM
There is NO other place in the country that has lights like the ones in Woodbury and thats NOT a good thing.
Craig Muckler April 29, 2013 at 12:43 AM
I loved to Woodbury from Eaqan last year. I have never seen red lights that just hang on forever than here. I lived in LA for years and nothing like Woodbury. Whoever is in charge of light changing times have to do it better. I see more people running red lights here than anywhere in the Twin Cities because they all know it could take 10 minutes before a green comes on!
Kris Janisch April 29, 2013 at 02:05 PM
I think the county is planning to redo the timing of the lights along Valley Creek Road, if that helps.


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