Washington County Social Worker Wants Moment of Silence in Honor of Sandy Hook Shootings

A Washington County man and counselor is hoping to start a movement with a moment of prayer and meditation Saturday, Dec. 14.

After multiple trips to Newtown, CT and the campus of Sandy Hook Elementary School, where one of the most heinous crimes of this century took place about a year ago, one Washington County man is asking everyone he knows to stop, Saturday, and pray or meditate in honor of the 28 people lost that fateful morning. 

Mitch Carmody, a social worker in Washington County and resident of Denmark Township, is trying to spread the word anyway he can, according to Mary Devine of the St. Paul Pioneer Press. 

Carmody has been to Newtown to train grief counselors three times over the past 12 months. Now, he's hoping to motivate leaders and even family and friends to create a national day of remembrance in honor of the teachers, administrators and young, elementary-aged children lost that day to a mass shooting. 

Carmody, who lost a young son to cancer, said the grieving never stops, and it's in the time long after the tragedy when it can be the hardest. 

He has produced a small YouTube video about his mission, seen in this article. 

For more, check out Carmody's website


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