Words From Woodbury: New Year's Resolutions

What do your neighbors think of the idea of resolving to do something in the new year?

In this installment of Words from Woodbury, we asked locals about their New Year's resolutions.

At the on Sunday morning, a few people were more focused on others than themselves for their New Year’s resolutions. Another woman said she doesn’t bother making them because she never had success in the past.

Shannon Rudin

Shannon Rudin resolved to go to church more often. Patch spoke with Shannon just before lunchtime on Sunday, so it was a perfect time to find out how her resolution was working out.

“I went to church this morning, so it’s going pretty good so far,” Rudin said.

Rudin said she is a first-timer for New Year’s resolutions.

Molly Patt

Meanwhile, Molly Patt is planning on spending more time with her family.

That resolution has already had some fringe benefits.

“I hung out with my mom last night,” Patt said. “We went to the mall together. It was good—she bought me a lot of clothes.”

Jackie and Michael Przybylski

Another religion- and family-themed resolution came from Jackie Przybylski, who said she hopes to be “more helpful” in the coming year.

She specifically mentioned helping out at church and with her granddaughter, who was holding her hand at the mall.

Jackie’s husband Michael Przybylski said he is looking to serve others in the coming year. He and his coworkers have gotten in the act in this area, he said.

“At the office, we’re going to pack food for Feed My Starving Children this coming Thursday,” he said.

Przybylski said he believes a resolution with more of an external focus will make it a more successful one.

“My New Year’s resolutions usually last a real short time,” Pryzbylski said. “But those are the diet things and stuff like that. Things that mean something seem to hang on forever.”

Makayla Hubbard

Of course, there is a segment of the population that doesn’t really put much stock in making New Year’s resolutions. Makayla Hubbard is one of those people.

“People set New Year’s resolutions and then they don’t really go through with it,” Hubbard said. “So I might as well not make one if I’m not going to go through with it. I’ve set New Year’s Resolution goals and never completed any of them. So, I don’t think there’s really a point.”


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