Woodbury Patch News Quiz

Every Friday, Woodbury Patch will ask five questions about the news of the week. The winner gets a $50 gift card to a local business.

Welcome to the Woodbury Patch news quiz!

This week, you’re playing for a $50 gift certificate to local masseuse Jeanne Cade. Email your answers to jonathan.thielen@patch.com and write QUIZ in the subject line. Good luck!

1. The Washington County Board this week took a look at . Which transit project did Commissioner Lisa Weik reference as one of the local initiatives that are still being studied?

A) Park and Ride expansion

B) Valley Creek Road improvements

C) The Red Rock Corridor

D) The Gateway Corridor

2. The Lavers family of Woodbury was at the Capitol on Tuesday to . Who is the chief author of the bill in the Senate?

A) Sen. Ted Lillie

B) Sen. Ray Vandeveer

C) Sen. Chuck Wiger

D) Sen. Dan Sparks

3. Earlier this week, Patch brought you a story about a in Afton. What’s the name of the place?

A) Current

B) Voltage

C) Energy

D) Power Play

4. We had two stories this week on plans for a at moving forward. How many square feet will the building have once it’s built?

A) 10,000

B) 8,000

C) 12,000

D) None of the above

5. The East Ridge High School softball team this week, despite a strong pitching performance by senior Alyssa Ronquillo. How many hits did she give up?

A) Two

B) Six

C) Four

D) She didn’t allow a hit

Email this week’s answers to jonathan.thielen@patch.com and write QUIZ in the subject line. We’ll announce the winner in next Friday’s “Patch and Win!” contest.

Last week’s winner was Katie Visina, who earned a $50 gift card to .


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