The Key To Surviving Those Awkward Grad Party Moments We All Love

'Tis grad party season - awkward walks up the driveway, stares from the family, and the notorious display boards bragging about the grad. But how do you survive when you barely know the grad at all?

A graduation party almost mirrors a high school prom. A bunch of people from different cliques, social circles and clubs all coming together to celebrate one thing. 

Whether it's celebrating a certain persons graduation, or simply an upperclassman dance notorious for being 'a night to remember,' both of these can be very stressful.  From who to go with to who to invite, a lot goes into planning both of these events. 

But above all, both of these can be very awkward.  Like going to a grad party of someone you don't know well, or going with a date who barely knows your first name.  But what is the key to survival for both of these events? 

Lots of unnecessary conversation, fake smiles, and awkward parades across the dance floor and up the driveways. Maybe these don't have to be so awkward- maybe you can actually strike up a conversation with a stranger, flash a genuine smile, and strut up the driveway with confidence. So let's get started with an awkward graduation party senario you have all probably at least once in your lifetime.

You walk up the driveway, soon desperately trying to escape the awkward stares from the family. They don't have much to say, so you nonchalantly search for the graduate, but they are nowhere to be found. This causes you to saunter into the house, where you are greeted by an array of various foods (some of which look very unappetizing), but an even odder arrangment of people. 

People from school, church, clubs, and some who even look like they came from another planet. Striking up a conversation with one of these strangers can easily be classified as one of the most terrifying, awkward things ever.  Right next to that awkward moment when you zone out while staring right at someone.

But the question is, how do you avoid these awkward grad party moments?  First things first - ask yourelf how well do you really know the graduate, which will be the ultimate decider on how long you should stay.  Make sure you briefly visit the notorious showcase of all their wonderful achievemtns, boasting and bragging about their fabulous life. 

And if you want to strike up a conversation with someone, don't hold back. But above all, make sure you have the chance to personally greet the grad, and send them your blessing for the future.  And maybe this would also be the perfect opportunity to hand-deliver them that card you ever so carefully filled with money...

So the next time you find yourself in copious prolonged stares with the family, try to strike up a conversation about how you know the grad, or comment on the whether when you're already outside. 

Or maybe, you could just stare at these awkward people until they strike up an even more awkward conversation with you.

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Carly June 27, 2012 at 01:09 AM
Nice ideas. For m, I just say home and turn on a good move...like...The Graduate


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