Bachmann Gives Lake Elmo Clinic a New Name

The business, which has been the target of critics and homosexual activists, made the change in October.

Rep. Michele and Dr. Marcus Bachmann in Iowa. (Patch File Photo)
Rep. Michele and Dr. Marcus Bachmann in Iowa. (Patch File Photo)
The Lake Elmo Clinic owned an operated by Marcus Bachmann with his wife, Rep. Michele Bachmann, has changed its name. 

Now dubbed Counseling Care, the business has distanced itself from the former Washington County area representative and controversial Congresswoman. 

Michele Bachmann is named only once on the business' website, though she often said she "sided with small business owners" on the campaign trail in 2012 because she "is one." 

Marcus' clinic took some heat during the Tea Party-favorite Bachmann made her run for president, soaring to the top of the Iowa Caucus polls before flatlining just months later. The clinic's director believe, according to sources, he could help patients overcome homosexuality through prayer, for example. Marcus was criticized for other practices at the clinic, as well. 
Welfare Dad December 09, 2013 at 02:53 PM
Great job! We love your courage Michele.
Roach Silverback December 09, 2013 at 03:32 PM
What is this a new heterosexual clinic because the millions we paid her husband to fix same sex love was not working? Bravo for your courage to keep taking tax payers money!


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