Bites Nearby: Tasty Treats at Just Dogs Gourmet

Tricks deserve treats, so reward your furry companion with healthy and tasty, orange and black dog truffles, frosted white ghost biscuits and other yummy treats.

At , Woodbury, you’ll find a vast array of healthy and wholesome, mouth-slobbering treats for your furry friend.  

“People just love their dogs and want what’s best for them. Owners are becoming more aware of all the fillers, additives and preservatives added to commercially processed dog treats,” said Michelle Latulipee-Garcez, owner of the Woodbury shop.


Dog owners are now turning to all-natural, human-grade treats to keep their dogs healthier, said Latulipee-Garcez, adding that this is exactly why Just Dogs Gourmet founder Colleen Starnadori got started in the business. 

“Colleen was looking for treats for her dog, Lucy, and was shocked at what she found in the contents of the treats,” said Latulipee-Garcez. “She raised her children on wholesome, all-natural meals and decided her dog deserved that kind of care, too.”

Starnadori started baking up her own gourmet dog treats at home, and as her business grew, the Just Dogs Gourmet franchise was born.

“We take great pride in the fact that all of our treats are baked fresh, hand cut, consist of human grade products, contain no preservatives or fillers  and products are all made in the USA,” Latulippe-Garcez said.

Specialty Items

For those owners who have dogs with food allergies, Just Dogs Gourmet can print up an ingredients list menu for each treat they carry so owners can take the content list to the vet to determine which treats their dog can safely consume. 

“Most all dog owners know chocolate can be deadly to dogs, so in place of chocolate we use carob, yogurt, peanut butter, shortbread and oatmeal in our treats,” Latulippe-Garcez said.  

Currently in the baked goods case, furry friends can select from fall festive decorated orange and black truffles and peanut butter cups, frosted white ghost cut outs and Halloween treat boxes filled with decorated yummy goodies.

Owner's Story

As far as how Latulippe-Garcez got involved in the Just Dog Gourmet franchise, she said that after being a stay-at-home mom for 15 years she knew she would want to re-enter the workforce, but would not go back to her former career as a nurse. While she contemplated her decision, she decided to buy a dog.

Shortly thereafter, she happened upon a Just Dog Gourmet boutique. After visiting with the franchise, she got “bit” with the idea of owning a Just Dogs Gourmet franchise. In 2010, she opened up shop in the City Walk complex, Woodbury.

Additional Services

Just Dogs Gourmet can help you celebrate your dog’s birthday, too. Simply call ahead and custom order either a 4X6 ($12.99) or 10X6 ($16.99) decorated birthday cake biscuit.

“The birthday biscuit breaks apart easily for sharing with other furry friends,” she said. “If you order the 10X6 birthday biscuit, it comes with free goodie bags to give out to furry friends,” said Latulippe-Garcez.

Another added feature the Woodbury Just Dogs Gourmet location offers is the “dog wash” for owners of large breeds.

“The dog wash has been really popular for those owners with larger breeds that have a tough time bathing them at home, particularly in the winter,” said Latulippe-Garcez.  

More Info

Follow Just Dogs Gourmet on Facebook or call 651-738-3647 for more information.


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