New Dance Studio Opens In Woodbury

DelMonico Dance is planning a grand opening event from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, March 3, with a noon ribbon cutting.

Woodbury native Kim DelMonico, who used to teach at , has opened her own dance studio and is gearing up for a grand opening on Saturday, March 3*.

Woodbury Patch caught up with DelMonico to find out what she has planned at DelMonico Dance.

Woodbury Patch: In your words, what happened with Revolution Dance Studio?

Kim DelMonico: The best way to say it is to explain that did not have a dance program before I arrived. I was the face of Revolution because I created it and worked hard to make it what it became.

(Revolution) was successful because of my choreograpahy and the way I taught the kids and the classes we put together and the program we had.

It was just the business side of things (at Revolution) that I thought could have been handled in a more professional way. The last thing I want to do is create more drama around the situation.

Woodbury Patch: What is your vision for DelMonico Dance?

DelMonico: It's always been my dream to own and run my own dance studio. Over the last couple of years working for Revolution I've been able to garner so much experience and establish my own aesthetic.

After some professional differences it was just time to move on.

My goals are the same now as they've ever been. I want to instill creativity and passion in all my students and if we win some competitions, it certainly wouldn't be a bad thing. My goal of directing a dance program and running a dance studio has not changed.

I always try to build a family environment; I want students and parents to feel at the end of the year that they learned a ton and had fun while they did it. I just want it to be a professional environment where the kids are free to express themselves.

Woodbury Patch: As a new studio are you going to limit your focus to a few dance styles?

DelMonico: Not at all. We are going to offer everything. We'll have jazz, tap, ballet, contemporary, lyrical, point, hip-hop, musical theatre. ... We're going to have it all.

Woodbury Patch: How can you do that as a new studio?

DelMonico: I was very lucky that a lot of my Revolution colleagues followed me. I want to be clear though that I did not solicit their help—they approached me and wanted to follow me in the new endeavor. So we will have a lot of very experienced and talented instructors. 

Woodbury Patch: Can you give some examples?

DelMonico: Our instructors focus on one or two main areas of dance. We don't have any jack-of-all-trades type teachers who are masters of none. Every style of dance we offer is being taught by a professional who is skilled in that particular area of dance.

Woodbury Patch: If many of the teachers followed you, do you anticipate many of the students following you too?

DelMonico: From what I've been hearing, I do anticipate many of the students following but I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Woodbury Patch: Is there anything else you want people to know?

DelMonico: Just that I am very excited to see what happens. We're very excited for the open houses this week and we're excited to meet our new students.

*An earlier version of this story had the date for the grand opening wrong.


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