Family Flies From Africa To Have Child In Woodbury

The Nigerian couple had a daughter at Woodwinds four years ago and recently returned to Minnesota for the birth of their third child.

often draws to its renowned birth center.

One family’s trip, however, was a little farther.

Adefolagu and Oluwole Oyejobi are from Nigeria, and recently flew to Minnesota just so their third child, Maxim, could be born at Woodwinds.

They had their second child, Manuela, at Woodwinds in 2007. The couple has family members who live in Oakdale, and a stateside visit coincided with her birth.

Adefolagu and Oluwole were impressed by their first trip to Woodwinds, and after a birth in their native country went wrong and the baby died, they decided to come back to Woodbury when she got pregnant again.

Oluwole did not place blame on the Nigerian doctors—whom he called capable and professional—but he said they don’t have access to the technological advancements found in U.S. hospitals.

Young Maxim was born at 9:52 a.m. on Sept. 27, 2011. He came in at eight pounds and was healthy.

“Woodwinds is just fantastic—you couldn’t ask for anything more,” Oluwole said.

Another quirk to the story: The baby was delivered by Dr. Sam Arnold, whose father delivered their other baby born at Woodwinds.

“I said wow, what a coincidence,” Oluwole said.


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