6 Reasons Blogs For Business Are Essential

Find out why business blogging is an essential part of your integrated marketing strategy and learn exactly what benefits you’ll see when you incorporate a blog into your company website.

Are you blogging for your business yet?

Why does your business need a blog? What is the point of it? Will anyone read it after all that effort? In this article we will go over 6 reasons your business needs a blog.

When you want to know information about a subject you are open to listening and learning all the information you can about that subject. You may go online to do your research. You are the hunter and you are hunting for information to help you understand. For example you type in xyz into a search engine and up comes several articles on it. When you find an article that answers your question or problem, it is like finding a treasure. Since you are the hunter, when you find the information, you believe it.

Advertisements are constantly bombarding you with information overload.  You're ignoring information on ads, as it doesn't seem to have value for you. You also don't believe all the information because you know it is an advertisement. It is also irritating because you are constantly bombarded with information overload.

However by blogging using keywords, your blog will become the treasure trove that others are seeking. When they are the hunters, your information (your blog) will come up in the search engines and will have value because they searched for it. They will believe, follow and more likely buy from you because your information is the treasure trove they found.

Reason #1 for Business Blogging- Credibility

Want to motivate your readers to return to your website blog? Blog about questions your readers want to know. By categorizing your blogs you will become a resource center that your readers will return to. Blogs help demonstrate that you really are a recognized authority. You want clients to come to you and trust what you say within your industry.  Having a blog where you repeatedly are posting valuable information helps establish that credibility.

Reason #2 for Business Blogging- Links

How will people even know your site exists? By posting your blog post on your social sites is like leaving breadcrumbs of a trail for people to find your site. Posting a blog creates inbound links for your website. Once you create a blog post you can repost it on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and share it on other social sites. All of these posts create links pointing back to your website.  This helps create traffic to your website and increase your websites SEO.

Reason #3 for Business Blogging- Building Relationships

Want to establish more relationships with clients and future customers? Let them comment at the end of each blog. The whole idea of social networking is not simply to drive more traffic to your blog and website; it is to build relationships with potential new readers, subscribers and customers. Interaction through blogging can foster new relationships. Guest bloggers on your site or guest posting for others can also help establish relationships. It not only helps your website, it also helps their website.  Relationship building is what building a business is all about.

Reason #4 for Business Blogging- Community

How do you create real business fans? Not just people who have hit your Facebook fan page LIKE button, but real fans. People who feel they belong together and are connected to your business. Blogging creates a community through communication; collaboration and sharing that can take place in the comments. Have you ever seen a blog that allows comments and promotes discussion at the end of each post? By responding back to people and engaging in conversations you can help create a community with shared interests. By responding back to people they will feel more comfortable with your business and in return, their comments will help you learn more about your audience and what their problems are and what they are interested in.

Reason #5 for Business Blogging- Traffic

What is the traffic generator button on your website? Your blog that is cranking out new content and answering questions. Getting traffic to your website is very important.  Using links, having those relationships with other bloggers, and posting your blog on social media sites creates traffic coming back to your website so they can read your blog.

Reason #6 for Business Blogging- Branding

What makes your blog interesting? Blogging can brand your business with its unique tone and voice. How do you want your blog to engage readers and be perceived? What you write about and how you interact with your readers creates personality in your blog. What topics will you write about? Your choices influence your brand in what it covers and how it approaches a subject matter. You don’t want your blog to be a snooze! You want your blog to rise above your competitor's blog and be the blog that people are talking about. Here are a few examples of ways to make your blog stand out:

• What do you do that others in your industry don't do?

• Do you have fresh content?

• Is your website optimized?

• Who is your website targeted toward?

• Who are you trying to reach?

• What do you have to offer that is different or unique from other businesses?

Blogging can help build your business on a PR level, a marketing standpoint and incorporating social media. It is about taking the knowledge you already know and sharing it.

Now It’s Your Turn…

Does your business have a blog on your website? If so, please share with our readers the positive results that your blog has brought to your business.

We hope you enjoyed this post! If blogging sounds like something your business needs, or if you have questions on how to take advantage of social media marketing for your business, contact us today, St. Paul Marketing Team, at 651-731-0768 or Email us at info@StPaulMarketingTeam.com. Like Us On Facebook | Add Us On Twitter | Visit Our Website

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KonradSEO February 16, 2013 at 03:36 AM
I agree on every point! As a matter of fact I recommend having a blog to every one of my clients. Sometimes they don't want to, because they say having a 'blog' is too personal instead of professional - in those cases I tell them to call it 'News' instead of a 'Blog' - in the end it's the same thing after all! Usually, that does the trick and makes them see the light of reason.
Cherie DeBrule February 16, 2013 at 03:40 AM
Thanks @KonradSEO I love your tip on telling them that it is news because some people think it its a diary and personal.


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