PageRank: What It Means And Why It Is Important

If you have a good pagerank then you have high chance that your website will be ranked above any other lower ranked page.

How do businesses get poor value when advertising online?

The reason you are paying to advertise on a website is you want your ad to be seen by as many visitors as possible. Right?  

Well, don't pay to advertise your business on a website until you know how the page ranks.  

The higher a page ranks, the more visitors they have so they can charge advertisers for advertising on it. There are websites with zero PageRank (no one is looking at that website) ripping people off right now. You should want a PR of 4 or higher before you spend money advertising. This article will explain the basics needed to avoid getting ripped off from advertising in a black hole ( zero PageRank), what PageRank means, how it is determined, how you can find a website's PageRank, how you can improve your website's PageRank, and how to attract more traffic to your website.

What Does The PageRank Of Your Website Mean?

PageRank (PR) indicates the popularity of the webpage. How is the popularity of a website calculated? Google’s algorithm gives credit to the links of other web sites which are pointing towards your page. If a small number of pages are pointing to your website and their page rank is high you may be considered more important that a website that has a larger quantity of sites with low PageRank linking to it. The quality of websites linking to your website is more important than  the quantity.

Is Page Rank Determined For The Entire Website Or Individual Pages?

Google ranks each page individually. So each page could have a different page- rank. It is likely that your home page has a higher PageRank than other pages as most sites link to home pages. However, if you have a page on your site that is full of value, informative, and highly viewed, it could rank higher than your home page.

How Do You Find The PageRank Of A Website?

There are a several ways to find the page rank of your website.

1.  Google toolbar is a free plug-in which is available for free on Firefox and Internet Explorer. 

2. With Google chrome you can search and install its free extension named “Web Rank SEO” and the PageRank will be shown on the top right side of the address bar of your browser.

3. Go to: http://www.prchecker.info/ This website lets you instantly check PageRank

4. Go to http://www.checkpagerank.net/. It also gives information about how old the site is and its Alexa ranking. 

What Do PageRank Numbers Mean?

Google ranks pages on a scale from 0 to10 according to the popularity of the website. Sites like Google, CNN , Adobe, and Facebook , have one of the highest page ranks.

0 to 3 = low

4 to 6 = medium

7 to 9 = high

10 = Google


PR0 -  This means that your webpage exists but is not listed yet. No one can find you in the search engines. You are in a black hole.

PR1 -  You are listed in the search engines but you need some work to be found.

PR2 -  Poor. Below average, but you can improve.

PR3 -  Average on the Web. Your website is getting some attention and has some good information on it. Most websites are at this number.

PR4 -  Above Average. You are being spotted on the web now. Your site is competitive and you are away from the majority You can now charge to advertise on your web site.

PR5 -  Good. Your chances of coming on first page of search results have increased.

PR6 -   Great work. Your information is being followed and your work is paying back.

PR7 -  Having a 7 PR is a great achievement. You are lucky and one of the top sites. If you’ve got a PR7, consider yourself a top site. Most medium size businesses would do well to dream of a PR7.

PR8 - Famous sites fall in this category like Amazon, Ebay, and etc.

PR9 -  These sites are of everyone’s choice. Yahoo, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

PR10 - You are on the top and there is no one like you. Think of Google.com.

How Can You Improve Your Website Ranking?

Excessive quality link building is key to having a high PageRank. The latest Google Penguin updates have made it difficult for websites. Quality and relevancy has become more important than quantity. The key is to submit quality content and if you are getting links from a forum, that forum should be relevant to your page.

How Can Your Website Get More Traffic?

Chekc out this article How Can Your Website Get More Traffic?

Your Turn…

If you have raised your website to a rank of 4 or higher and wish to share with us the ways you used, we would love to share your comments.

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