CherryBerry vs. Freeziac

Compare/contrast on Woodbury's popular yogurt spots, CherryBerry and Freeziac.

Apparently, a culinary trend that is emerging in the world and Woodbury is the establishing of self serve frozen yogurt shops.

Woodbury features two, and . The question isn't really about the taste in this article, but which store is better? 

Both bars offer a wide selection of yogurt flavors, topping bars, as well as other ice creamery favorites such as gelato and sherbet. But to give you a better examination on where you should buy, I wanted to provide a simple compare and contrast on the things that matter most to the average consumer.

1. Variety of Products (Ice Cream)

Different locations offer different flavors, and they circulate, so it's important to keep that in mind when ordering from one of these delicious yogurt shops. The Freeziac shop in Woodbury offers 10 different flavors—my personal favorite is the yellow cake batter. This contrasts sharply with CherryBerry, which claims an impressive 49 flavors... give or take location and circulation. In addition to that they offer 6 sorbets, and two gelatos and two custards. The favorite of mine from here is the low fat red velvet cupcake. If you're looking for variety, it is without a doubt, CherryBerry. 

2. Variety of Toppings 

Toppings are the things that really make a difference... to both the taste and the cost of your ice cream, as cost is dependant on the weight of your products. Dry and cold toppings as well as sauces are offered at both locations. CherryBerry offers more toppings, but Freeziac has a better layout. While there's less variety of Freeziac, I like Freeziac more because it's a smaller area that boasts the biggest and best loved toppings to put on your yogurt. For parents, that might make it easier to move your little ones along. 

3. Cost 

The definite most important information to selecting a yogurt bar is the cost. Freeziac directly provides you the information as you go to pick up a cup: 45 cents per ounce. They also provide basic nutritional information for their vanilla, chocolate, and tart yogurts. CherryBerry costs 39 cents per ounce (but my sources vary, probably according to store.) But, Freeziac also offers special offers if you text the number that they've provided on their website. It's definitely worth checking out.  

Overall the benefits of choosing frozen yogurt instead of regular ol' ice cream isn't just the flavors and the toppings. According to CherryBerry's website, yogurt can: 

  • Helps to overcome lactose intolerance
  • Aids with digestion of milk protein
  • Helps prevent and combat digestive tract infections
  • Helps in reducing cholesterol

Based off of the information I have provided, CherryBerry seems to have won 2/3 with their product variety and cost. Of course, Freeziac does have its benefits if you include their topping layout and their special offers. To find out more about CherryBerry and Freeziac, click on the links. 

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Justin D September 11, 2012 at 02:21 AM
YoJoes in Cottage Grove is great. Kids love the dry erase marker tables.
Laura ME September 11, 2012 at 01:19 PM
We have tried both Cherry Berry and Freeziac and like Freeziac better!
Mandy Dwyer September 15, 2012 at 09:33 PM
Finally made it to Cherry Berry and I agree with the above, I liked Freeziac better. The couches at CB are a nice touch but the yogurt tasted more icy, like ice-milk, than Freeziac and they had fewer flavors that I was interested in trying.
Joe September 16, 2012 at 11:12 PM
One issue with the story is that Cherry Berry charges $.45 per ounce also....Yogurt is much smoother, creamier at Freeziac. Just wish they had pecans as an option.
Joe September 16, 2012 at 11:13 PM
Oh plus, Freeziac is owned by a Woodbury resident.. support our own I say.


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