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Author talks about the past year, summer plans and why she has neglected her blog; promotes the importance of reading and Bookawocky program at the library.

Wow. If this is my second blog post since I've joined this website, then I must be the worst blogger in the history of blogging. And I'm posting it late at night, too. 

I apologize for my absence in the past year, as I have been consumed by school work, clubs, and the usual high school drama that surrounds being a teenager. I have to admit, while I enjoy school, towards the end of the year I turn into a fire breathing monster that rages about essays and finals. But then again, what kid doesn't? 

In the past year, I've been doing a lot of things. Making progress on my own personal works, which includes redoing an old comic of mine that I did back in the seventh grade.

Being that I did it in the seventh grade, the drawings in the original version are now... worse than before, if that's even possible, and the story line is incredibly confusing and underdeveloped.

I'm liking the way that I'm writing it now—its more refined and it also has way more detail than the original, but has kept some of the elements that I originally liked. I've also been watching Adventure Time and keep watching with anticipation to see when the Flame Princess shows up again. Other than that, I've been keeping up with my academic life, tackling my math class so that I could recieve straight A's for the final trimester. That's going to be hard to maintain next year when I take on two AP classes and then one pre-AP course.

Although I have yearned for summer as much as any other kid and all of the freedoms that come with it, I find that I have a tendency to throw myself back into school life, as eventually summer gets boring. I've been taking on a lot: volunteering at the library (which I've wanted to do since I was twelve, and it's basically the best job in the world), I'm taking Spanish 2 over the summer (which is going fairly well), I've served as an extra in a locally shot movie, My Senior Year, and I'm going to be returning to school in August to take health class. So, I've been pretty busy, but it's been a lot of fun too. 

Originally when I started blogging, I planned that I would be the kid who would write about the nerdier side of things: cartoons, comics, and books. I still plan to do that, but I decided that why not kick off summer blogging better than with a nod to the local library and its fellow staff.

The library has given me a place where I can find so much opportunity to peek into another world through the books and graphic novels that it has, and a more exciting place to hang out at than the local .

As with every summer, the library has a program called Bookawocky, which is a great way of spending time over the summer. They've got things arranged for kids, teens, and adults, not just with reading, but other fun stuff. You can look it up at the website, which I've posted here: 


I've been participating in their teen program, which is submitting reviews for books. I've settled on that with every book I read, I will write a review for it. So far, I think I've compiled and turned in seven reviews, some books, and some graphic novels. Each review that you complete will be turned in a drawing for MELSA prizes, so hey, why not? Most of the books that I've read so far have been pretty good, but there have been a view that were ill concieved and poorly written. I've got ten books left to go before I'm finished, so I've got to get reading... and these books aren't even the AP summer reading ones! 

I encourage everyone who reads this post to go ahead and check it out. If you find yourself growing bored this summer like I usually do, the library is a fun place where you can spend the day and particpate in the pleasant activities which promote reading. The importance of reading is something that I've expressed for years, and I'm sure it's a subject that we can all agree is valuable in everyone's life and development.

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Kris Janisch June 27, 2012 at 04:02 PM
Thanks Chloe!


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