An Early Look at Woodbury’s Future Roadwork Schedule

The 2013 projects will be about half of this summer’s work, which essentially crammed three years’ worth of construction into one season because of a favorable bidding climate.

With this summer’s major , the Woodbury City Council on Tuesday took a look at next year’s roadwork plan.

The 2013 roadwork will be about half of what the city has undertaken this summer, as the city condensed three years of work into one construction season to take advantage of a favorable bidding climate, City Engineer Klayton Eckles said.

The proposed improvement areas for 2013 include: Thames Road, Victoria Heights, Victoria Place, Tahoe Road, Carver Park Drive and Circle, Rolling Acres, Glen Road and Century Avenue, according to a city memo.

However, the Victoria Heights area could be pulled because roads there are in decent shape, Eckles said. Also, the Glen Road work could be extended to the east.

The PDF with this post shows the five-year plan. The 2013 work is expected to cost about $3.5 million.

Much of the council discussion Tuesday centered on the Century Road work. Councilman Christopher Burns called it “one of the worst roads in Woodbury.”

The street in the proposed project area splits Woodbury and Newport, and the city is hoping their counterparts in Newport contribute half the funds for the project or at least get on a payment schedule if the neighboring city can’t afford the project next year.

In 2010, Newport was not able to fund its $75,000 portion of improvements, so staff is "anticipating difficulty" for the proposed 2013 project, according to a city memo.

However, Woodbury staffers have spoken with Newport engineering officials.

“It looks like we may have Newport on board,” said Aaron Johnson, principal engineer.

The cost of the Century Avenue work—about 3,700 feet of roadway—is estimated to cost $315,000.

Note: The Valley Creek Road project . Here are some .


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