Another Watering Warning from Woodbury

The city recently sent out a notice about July being “Smart Irrigation Month” and on Tuesday issued another reminder about Woodbury’s watering policies.

At least 15 people were cited for lawn-watering violations in Woodbury between June 28 and July 3, according to recent reports.

And the city recently sent out two reminders for residents looking to maintain green lawns this summer.

Woodbury follows —homes that end with odd numbers water on odd-numbered calendar days, even on even (including 0). It’s also prohibited to water between noon and 5 p.m. each day for every home/business in the city.

Check out the city’s website for specifics.

Also, the city recently noted that July is Smart Irrigation Month, started in 2005 as a way to “promote efficient watering practices and water conservation,” according to a notice from Woodbury’s inTouch system. “Water conservation is important for preserving our natural resources and your landscaping.”

Those who have irrigation systems are asked to go through the following checklist:

  • Check your controller for start times. Your system should ideally start in the early morning and must be set to follow the city's odd/even calendar day requirement. A typical lawn does not need to be watered every day.
  • Check to make sure your rain sensor is working, and is in the "active" position on the controller. All irrigation systems installed since 2003 are required to have a rain sensor to prevent the system from turning on during a rain event or immediately after.
  • Test each zone or station manually to make sure they come on when commanded. 

Answer the following questions: 

  • Does each sprinkler head pop up correctly?
  • Does each sprinkler head spray out as designed? 
  • Are each of the rotary sprinklers spraying and rotating properly?
  • Are any nozzles blocked or spraying improperly?
  • Are any sprinkler heads blocked by overgrowth of grass, shrubs or vegetation? 
  • Are any sprinkler heads bent or out of alignment?

“Be sure to carefully examine sprinklers next to pavement as these are more prone to damage. Make any repairs as required based on your inspection. The cost of repairs or replacements will be much less than the cost of water wasted,” reads part of the notice. “Checking your irrigation system throughout the summer will not only conserve water it will also improve the health of your lawn. It is also recommended that property owners have their systems audited by a professional.”


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