Bites Nearby: Pumpkin-licious Treats! 

Pumpkin lovers rejoice! It’s your time of year to savor pumpkin flavored lattes, baked goods and frozen treats!

If you love the taste of pumpkin, then this is your time of year! Delicious pumpkin flavored coffee drinks, baked goods and other sweet treats can be found at most coffee shops and markets.

Since each pumpkin treat is unique, Woodbury Patch has taste-tested a few to get your palate started.

This creamy and rich pumpkin spice latte ($3.50) is made with fresh roasted espresso beans, milk and pumpkin spice. It’s crowned with real, homemade whipping cream and drizzled with a thick and gooey caramel syrup, making for a delicious mid-afternoon treat on any day of the week.  

Give yourself a treat and order Dreamcoat’s No. 1 seller, the homemade pumpkin cream cheese bar ($3.25/bar). In-house pastry chef, Barb Knutson, has really outdone herself with these oversized pumpkin bars! Almost cake-like in texture, these made-from-scratch bars are filled with pumpkin spice flavors and frosted with a light and tangy, homemade cream cheese frosting.  

“The cream cheese frosting takes quite a bit of time to get it just right. For instance, the cream cheese has to sit out for about three hours to get it to the perfect temperature before you can start mixing it up,” manager Kristen Carlson said.

Carlson noted if the cream cheese is taken straight from the fridge, the frosting comes out too thick and dense. One is thing is for certain: nibbling on this heavenly pumpkin bar while sipping a pumpkin spice latte makes for a perfect pairing!

Dreamcoat Coffee is located at 6060 50th St. N., Oakdale. For more information or for ordering whole pies, call 651-779-7746.

It’s amazing how different pumpkin spice lattes can taste from one coffeehouse to another. Take for instance, Caribou’s pumpkin white chocolate mocha latte ($3.89). Although these flavors might seem like an odd mix for some palates, the two work quite well together.

At first sip, the pumpkin spice pops out, but then the creaminess of the white chocolate slowly balances it all together into a sweet and creamy goodness.

For those of you who like a denser quick bread, try Caribou’s pumpkin pecan bread. It’s a thick, yet moist, bread that’s made with chopped pecans and subtle hints of pumpkin spices.


An ice cream fan favorite at this time of year is the pumpkin pie Blizzard at Dairy Queen. Why does this Blizzard taste so much like a slice of pumpkin pie? Because it’s blended with real canned pumpkin!

Canned pumpkin, crushed up vanilla wafers (the crust), creamy Dairy Queen vanilla soft serve and whipping cream with sprinkles of nutmeg make this Blizzard an addictive, yet spoonable, slice of pumpkin pie heaven.

Coffee connoisseurs who like a more robust flavored latte, need to try Dunn Bros' Pumpkin Spice Latte ($3.69). Made with milk, fresh roasted espresso, pumpkin pie sauce and then topped with whipping cream and ground cinnamon, it’s a bold kick of autumn flavors all in one cup!

For an icy cold, creamy treat, try their blended pumpkin pie ice crema ($3.79). Made with Dunn Bros' signature frappe base, milk, ice and pumpkin pie sauce, it’s then blended up and topped off with fresh whipping cream, ground cinnamon and gooey caramel.  Yum!

Baked with only the highest quality ingredients, Kowalski’s offers a large assortment of pumpkin baked goods and pastries such as pumpkin muffins (plain, sugared or cream cheese filled), fresh baked pumpkin pie, frosted pumpkin bars and maple iced or regular frosted, soft pumpkin raisin cookies. 

Kowalski’s Market is located at 8505 Valley Creek Rd., Woodbury. For more information call 651-578-8800 or check their website at www.kowalskis.com.


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