Following Treatment, Pond at Lake Elmo Park Reserve to Open Saturday

Swimmers reported having diarrhea, prompting the county to close the pond and chlorinate the water.

Washington County officials have “super chlorinated” the swimming pond at the Lake Elmo Park Reserve after swimmers there reported getting diarrhea.

The pond treatment is expected to be complete by 4 p.m. Friday and it should reopen on Saturday.

“We had park maintenance staff working through the night to assure that the chlorine levels stayed at the appropriate super chlorination level,” John Elholm, parks director, said in a statement provided to Patch. “They tested the water each hour and added chemical when necessary.”

While officials expect the pond to reopen Saturday, they will have to wait until chlorine levels drop to a level safe for swimming, and it’s not certain how long that will take.

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Rob July 27, 2012 at 09:37 PM
Not too surprised. I have only been there once but it was packed with people and the bathrooms were not being utilized as very much.


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