Junk Food Not Drugs, Successful Prank, Terrorist Info: Woodbury Police Blotter

Selected calls to the Woodbury Public Safety Department from Aug. 30 to Sept. 4.

The following information was obtained from recent police reports.

Aug. 30

A woman at the 8900 block of Highland Circle called police after a man came to her door and tried to get inside. She answered the door and the man looked surprised but said nothing. After she asked if she could help him, he said, “I have your paper,” then tried to open her door. She grabbed it and pulled it shut, and he continued to try to open it. He eventually left the paper on the doorstep and left. She gave police a description of and photo of the vehicle and police checked the area, but couldn’t track him down. There were no similar reports in the area.

An employee at called police after a man came in to file for a home mortgage loan and later called to accuse the bank of selling his personal information to terrorists. He said he was going to go to the bank and “tear (expletive) apart.” Police talked to the man, who reiterated his stance that the bank sold his info to terrorists. Officers brought his personal information from the bank and served him a trespass notice. He was cooperative with police.

A woman at the 400 block of Leeward Trail felt intimidated by a flooring salesman and agreed to a purchase. He told her he “did not just waste four hours to not make a sale.” She later called and canceled the order and filed a complaint. She wanted the incident documented.

A resident at the 1300 block of Fallbrook Lane called police after someone knocked on her door. She was not expecting anyone and got scared.

Two men were cited for marijuana possession after police stopped a car with its headlight out near the intersection of Bielenberg Drive and Tamarack Hills Road. Police found 3.75 grams of weed and several types of drug paraphernalia.

Employees at the Hudson Road called police about a group that smelled of marijuana. Officers responded and saw what appeared to be a lit cigarette thrown out of a window and conducted a traffic stop. They found 5-7 grams of marijuana, a scale, pipes and grinder. The adult driver was cited and the juveniles were released to their parents.

Aug. 31

A boy walking near Valley Creek Road and I-494 was stopped by four people in a red SUV. They asked the boy about a drug deal and then pushed him to the ground. They left and police were unable to locate the vehicle.

Police were called about a man who came into and took money out of the ATM six times. The caller said he appeared to be checking to see where cameras were located. He was gone by the time police arrived.

Sept. 1

Police were called about a possible fight involving 6-10 people in the parking lot at . They had left prior to officers arriving at the scene.

Employees at called police after a man was banging on windows and trying to be served on foot at the drive-thru at about 2:15 a.m. Officers found him and he said he just wanted some food.

Police cited a woman who backed into a car in the parking lot of and fled the scene. She was cited for driving without a license and hit and run.

Police were called about several incidents involving juveniles in the area of Lake View Alcove, including one boy brandishing a knife during a fight and rocks being thrown at doors and windows of homes in the area.

An unruly customer at left in a cab without further incident.

A driver near Bailey Road and I-494 was stopped for suspicious activity and booked at the Washington County Jail after officers found a meth and a pipe in his car.

Sept. 2

After receiving tips about a drug dealer at the 10800 block of Artesian Lane, officers went to the home and cited a man who did not deny he sells drugs. He gave officers a small bag of marijuana (less than 1.4 grams). But when police said that amount didn’t mesh with the odor, he came back with a 42-gram bag of the drug.

A man got into a fight with his mother’s boyfriend at the 10200 block of City Walk Drive. Police talked to both parties and no charges were filed.

A resident at the 1200 block of Silverwood Court called police about a political yard sign being stolen.



Police were called about a possibly drunken man throwing rocks at a townhome at the 2300 block of Cypress Drive. Officers arrived and found the man urinating in the woods, and they startled him and he urinated on himself. Police learned he was not drunk but suffers from brain damage and showed signs of recent prescription drug use.

Police were called about a portable toilet that was tipped over at , and a vehicle in the area had sauce poured on it. A tree nearby was also toilet-papered.

Officers who responded to possible drug activity involving 10 juveniles near Mile Drive and Bailey Road found no drugs or alcohol, only “excessive amounts of junk food.” The group told officers they were trying to enjoy the last day before school.

Sept. 3

After responding to a possible burglary at the 3900 block of Bailey Ridge Draw, officers learned that the child of parents there had taken their wallets because he was upset with them.

A deer crashed into a squad car near the intersection of Valley Creek and Woodhill roads.

Sept. 4

A resident at the 8200 block of Enclave Road called police to report a possible prowler on his back porch. As officers arrived the man found it was an inflatable dog tied to the porch, and his trees and bushes were toilet-papered. The man explained that his birthday was the next day and his friends had pranked him “quite successfully.”


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