Readers React: Woodbury 10 Doubles Security Following Aurora Shooting

What do you think of the local theater’s decision?

Hours after news broke about the movie theater massacre in Aurora, Colo., officials at the announced that over the past weekend.

also conducted extra patrols in the area.

On the Woodbury Patch Facebook page, people chimed in with their reaction to the theater’s decision:

Krista: I think it would be terrible if people stop going to movies just because of this tragedy. I know my son and I talked about it and we plan to see Dark Knight Rises and at Woodbury 10 this weekend if we can get there... next if not!

Rebecca: I bought tickets for tonight (Friday), I believe it honors those in CO by not letting fear prevail.

David: So they've got two 14 year olds taking tickets, instead of just one...

Steve: In a country where any adult not been judged crazy or violent can buy semiautomatic weapons in unlimited amounts, where "entertainment" consists of taking the kids for a night of watching cartoon loonies spray bullets at parties, malls, and other public places; where some young man thus armed and psychically desensitized and rehearsed then opts to act out such cartoon allegories dramas at a place where it is being shown; and where the audience is so inured to this craziness to believe that the shots are just more of the special effects; who can possibly be surprised? The most surprising part is the gun nuts who are in such a state of denial that they demand, "Well it does make me wonder, you know with all those people in the theater, was there nobody that was carrying that could’ve stopped this guy more quickly?"

Scotty: Steve... so true, so true. I was reading a couple of forums earlier where all of the citizen commandos were bragging about how they would have easily taken this guy out had they been there with their usual assortment of firepower.

More Reaction

Woodbury Patch bloggers also relayed their thoughts on the shooting:

Patch users have also been talking about gun laws in general:


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