Rewind: Best Bets, Livid Lifters and the Thunder Rolls

Taking a look back at the news of the week in Woodbury.

In case you missed some of the week’s top stories, here’s a recap.


This story generated a lot of discussion; power lifters said they feel the gym is enforcing and creating rules that single them out. 

Takes a lot of heart to run a marathon. Find out which of your neighbors ran.


As to be expected, storm coverage dominated Tuesday’s news. Thanks to those who added their storm photos to these posts. (Pictured above.)

Another story that generated some discussion—this time on the police officer-firefighter program. The city council had a public safety themed meeting this week.

Sad news out of Hudson, Wis.


graduate Nicole Mitchell has filed a lawsuit against the Weather Channel claiming her contract wasn’t renewed because of her military service.

We’re asking you: What is the “best” of Woodbury. If you’ve been on the site of late you know there are a LOT of opinions.

Set to open today.


Fun talking to Angelo, and somebody said he’s a great skier.

Cool dashboard cam video here.

Certainly something to take note of this summer. Major roadwork project.


Video of their rehearsal. Did anybody go see the performance Friday? How was it?

They always return to the scene of the crime.


One nugget: Police were called about possible illegal dumping on Brookview Road west of Manning Avenue. Officers learned that someone was releasing a rabbit.

New feature on Woodbury Patch recapping the posts from our bloggers.



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