Washington County Board Election Results (Updated)

Weik, Miron come out on top; Kriesel wins unopposed.

The results for the 2012 Washington County Board races were essentially settled as of 2:30 a.m. Wednesday. 

All results are unofficial per the Secretary of State’s website.

District 5

In the district that represents most of Woodbury, Lisa Weik was re-elected.

Weik earned 59.21 percent of the vote (12,127 total).

Challenger Nancy Remakel, a former Woodbury City Council member, earned 40.20 percent of the vote (8,233).

District 2

Challenger Ted Bearth defeated incumbent Bill Pulkrabek, who was running for his third term but was mired by a domestic incident earlier this year. 

Bearth, a former Oakdale City Council mayor, got 52.17 percent of the vote (11,123 total) to Pulkrabek’s 47.16 percent (10,054).

The district includes the northwest part of Woodbury and all of Oakdale.

District 3

Gary Kriesel, a former Stillwater City Council member, represents much of the St. Croix Valley for District 3. He won unopposed with 98.73 percent of the vote. 

District 1 

Fran Miron, former mayor of Hugo, earned 55.28 percent of the vote (13,038 total) to best Dennis Hegberg, who garnered 44.34 percent (10,458).

Hegberg, first elected a November 1989 special election, was re-elected in 1992, 1996, 2000, 2002, 2004 and 2008.

District 1 spans the northern part of Washington County.

Washington County Watchdog November 08, 2012 at 06:08 AM
Wow, Hegberg is out... he was always very nice, but he was a RINO (republican in name only)... he'd always hang out by the republican booth at the WC fair, talk about how he was a conservative, and then he'd vote right along with Weik... As chair he's primarily to blame for the $157,000,000 debt burdan we have.... I hope Miron can be more transparent and issue in common sense. We'll miss Pulkrabec, although he was abbrassive and had that scandal he was a voice of reason against the excessive debt and spending the county had... Always warning that taxes are going to have to eventually go up to pay for all the spending. Weik and Remarkle are both liberals so that was no real choice for voters:( Remarkle used to live in Pulkrabek's district until the borders changed and she wasn't dedicated enough to move to stay in the race lol. Either way, liberal spenders hold the majority in County board and now the house, senate, and governor's position lol.... Let the spending spree begin!


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