Updated: Woodbury First for New Xcel Energy Program

Woodbury is the pilot city for a new Xcel initiative aimed at promoting energy conservation.

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Xcel Energy officials say they chose Woodbury as the pilot city for its new program, Powering Your Community, because the culture here reflects the company’s efforts to promote energy conservation.

Powering Your Community looks to build on existing relationships and spread the word about Xcel’s energy-conservation programs, said Al Krug, director of customer and community affairs.

Xcel officials have been in touch with Mayor Mary Giuliani Stephens, and plan to reach out to the and the , along with visiting area business groups, under the initiative.

Material will be included in the city’s Green Times newsletter, and Xcel will have a booth at as it looks to promote its energy-saving and rebate programs, said Colette Jurek, manager of economic development and community relations at Xcel Energy.

Already Xcel has met with the city’s Environmental Commission, and neighborhood events featuring Xcel’s Home Energy Squad are also planned, Jurek said. Much of the promotion will be through civic groups and social media.

Specifically, it’s things like programmed thermostats or weather stripping that Xcel will provide information about across Woodbury, Jurek said.

“Quick and easy efforts to reduce energy use,” she said.

Below is a Wednesday afternoon press release from Xcel about the program:

In an effort to strengthen relationships and partnerships with the communities it serves, Xcel Energy has begun a pilot program in Woodbury called Powering Your Community.

“This program builds upon our already strong relationships with Woodbury businesses, community leaders, nonprofit organizations and residents,” said Al Krug, director of customer and community affairs for Xcel Energy.

Over the coming months, Xcel Energy will be engaging with Woodbury residents, community leaders and customers in a variety of ways to enhance ongoing partnerships and learn how the company can provide even greater value going forward.

“We serve more than 300 communities in Minnesota,” Krug said, “and have a lot to offer as they strive to remain strong and healthy.  Under this pilot program, Woodbury will see a lot more of Xcel Energy and its employees. We’ll be here spreading the word about our energy management programs and other service options, increasing understanding of our projects and plans to serve customers over the long term, including projects located in Woodbury, and supporting local nonprofits. We also expect to learn more about how we can better serve our communities.”

Several years ago, the city of Woodbury set goals to be a sustainable community, including a focus on energy conservation.

“We selected Woodbury as one of our first cities for this initiative because we share common interests on sustainability and energy conservation,” Krug said. “We are proud to partner with the city and look forward to working with residents, businesses and government officials on their energy needs.”


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Ralph McGraw July 18, 2012 at 02:00 PM
This is all fine and good. But just maybe to be a little proactive the city as all the cities should pay a little more attention when buildings are built. Contracters use of products when building often times select the cheapest items such as furnaces, air conditioners, windows, ect so as to keep the prices lower on their buildings to market. SOunds good for the consumer at the beginning. But when started to replace can get very costly. Into the $10's of thousands of dollars to save how much? I realize every little bit helps the communities as a whole in the usage of less energy. But at what cost? Better for all to prevent the problem at the beginning.
Kris Janisch July 18, 2012 at 08:24 PM
Good points Ralph.


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