No Fancy Words, Just From the Heart

Conspiracy Theories? Hidden Agendas? Really?

I got up this morning and over my morning coffee scanned the Woodbury Patch's Local Voices.  It didn't take long for me to come across an article that brought me to tears.  The article written by Mr. Thomas St. Martin titled, "The Same Sex Marriage Debate Revisited."  Why was I a nearly 60 year old man in tears?  Because once again I felt violated for being gay.  The hatred I felt in that article cut me to the bone.

I am not going to try and find quotes and remarks from others to refute Mr. St. Thomas' conspiracy theories and the gay agenda rhetoric. I was born gay.  I kind of figured it out on my own.  I was not recruited, I was not given a gay handbook nor did I join a radical secret organization.  All I did was accept who I was and honor the person I was created by God to be.  As a Christian I was raised to believe in the power of love as taught by Christ.  And from that position I have navigated through life.  The idea that most LGBT persons are radicals and targeting the destruction of society and marriage is just plain ludicrous. To lift a few quotes and make the argument that all gays are out to destroy marriage shows that Mr. St. Martin is on a modern day witch hunt.  For the majority of us we honor marriage and would like nothing better than to be able to get married like everyone else.

We are not asking for special rights when it comes to civil marriage but the same and equal civil rights as any other couple that choses to enter into a committed relationship under the law.  As to religious marriage it is up to each faith tradition and church to determine who is eligible to marry under their guidelines.  Does this sound radical?  Does this imply that we are out to destroy marriage? I don't think so. Take it from me Mr. St. Martin I am far too busy working and taking care of my family than to spend my time doing the type of research you seem to enjoy to try and refute some theory that gay folks have an agenda to destroy marriage. 

My desire to marry comes from my heart and the desire to marry the person I love.  There is no hidden agenda. 


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Joyce February 13, 2013 at 04:47 PM
I, for one, will work on and on until you and all my GLBT friends, neighbors, coworkers and fellow Americans have the same rights that I enjoy as a straight woman; it will truly lift my heart to see marriage equality become the norm in Minnesota and throughout the United States. Of course same sex couples do not want to "destroy marriage"; they want to participate in marriage, and their participation will only serve to broaden and strengthen the institution. Thank you for your eloquent and heartfelt call for equal marriage rights!
Carol T February 13, 2013 at 06:31 PM
I have not read Mr. St. Martin's post, nor do I intend to waste the time. He is not known for seeing anyone else's point of view - let's put it that way. Your response, on the other hand, is so articulate and mature. Unfortunately, there will always be those who think they have to tear others down in order to be of more value themselves.


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