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The business of being a father and grandfather, as being a mother and grandmother, is not always simple. Here are three examples of the complexity. ()

You have his wit, you have his eyes and he is king of the pit. But, even if grilling is not encoded in every male DNA, most of us are lucky to have an extremely proud dad. ()


Hosting two bikers from the Nature Valley Grand Prix was an amazing experience I hope to repeat again next year. ()


If you are looking to upgrade the time could not be better, rates in the mid 3s for qualified buyers. If you have any questions feel free to shoot me an email or tweet at me @mattjrealtor. ()


Rebuilding our Woodbury street brings back memories of my Grandfather, "sidewalk superintendent.” ()

It is virtually impossible to prevent flooding when more than six inches of rain fall within a 24-hour period, as has been the case in the Duluth area this week. ()

One extraordinary teacher strives for healthier schools and healthier children. ()


I think we all need to ask ourselves sometimes, and honestly evaluate “how am I doing?” ()

Two years ago we welcomed our little boy into the world. I can't believe how fast those first two years went by! ()



Studies are producing a rosier portrait of life after retirement.


Info from the Woodbury resident who serves as the Minnesota auxiliary director for a national organization, Wives Behind the Badge. ()


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