The Theft of Woodbury Elementary

District 833 evicting neighborhood children from their school and displacing special needs children for a pet program.

Two years ago, our school board for District 833 attempted to close a neighborhood school to give it to a choice program that cannot fill half of the school.

Two years later and District 833 is taking a new approach; they are trying to evict the students from one of our original neighborhood schools for what is essentially a private school funded with our community dollars.

Woodbury Elementary School is the neighborhood school that not only has the highest percentage of walking kids, it also houses the best special needs program, and a pre-kindergarten program. The special needs children have been successfully integrated with the other kids within the school. Being the parent of two children that have gone to Woodbury Elementary, I can state first hand that this enrichment for my boys is an invaluable.

The proposal is not a financial need, rather, a special interest need. Once again, the Spanish Immersion program, that has caused our school to run a deficit for the last four years, plans on stealing the school from the neighborhood and our children and transplant our programs throughout the district.

The Spanish immersion program already does not allow out of district enrollment, enjoys smaller class sizes, and gets a specialized education of their choice at total taxpayer expense. This is already discriminatory against every student within our public school district, but the bullies of parents of the Spanish Immersion program do not care what is best for the district or community, they just want to take what they can, to include seats on the School Board, in order to steal taxpayer dollars from the children of the district for their own.

Further, part of the plan is the theft of Crosswinds School.

The District has reportedly already contacted state legislators encouraging them to refuse the Perpich Plan in order for District 833 to take over the school. These proposals by our district are going to cost our community millions of dollars and our district is already running a deficit, so they are looking to lower our bond rating through there immoral, unethical, and irresponsible actions.

There is a meeting scheduled for 02/25/2013 at 6:30pm at Woodbury Elementary School to inform the parents of Woodbury Elementary that our children are inferior to the Spanish Immersion children and that we need to be evicted so they can have our school. I encourage any and all taxpayers in our district to attend and stand up for the children of our community.

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Mike March 06, 2013 at 06:57 AM
This makes no sense. So, you’re suggesting taking about $2.5 million in revenue out of the district with this ridiculous suggestion that the school convert to a charter. Just what the district needs right now – less money. And, by the way, you are rude.
MNHockeyMama March 06, 2013 at 08:40 PM
Gateway is a program that takes a child testing at a certain level to get into. It is vitally important to the district because it nurtures the brightest of our children. Spanish Immersion is not of vital importance. Sorry, but that is the truth. The fact that our district even began it is pathetic. Now that we are facing huge deficits and planning on cutting services, why would you expect the community NOT to look at the plans for Crosswinds and the disruption of the students in a neighborhood school, not to mention the amount of money it is going to take to not only make Crosswinds a viable elementary school, but also the additions (including a breezeway between WE & WMS!) to WMS for the benefit of a small number of district students and not be outraged by these plans? Why am I being asked to pay for your child to have what basically amounts to a private-school-like education and also accept the fact that there are possibly 27 fulltime regular teacher positions being cut because the district is out of money? It would seem to me that the first items that should be cut would be the extraneous programs like SI that DO NOT benefit the entire community but rather an elitist few before general services to the entire district are even considered to be cut. They don't even have parent-paid transportation for "choice programs" on the table. Get your priorities straight.
MNHockeyMama March 06, 2013 at 08:42 PM
Lev - I'm sorry, you said I was "rude"? Excuse me, but I think that forcing neighborhood kids out of their school for the benefit of "choice program" kids is rude. Gimme a break.
SJ March 06, 2013 at 10:35 PM
The district has busing for the choice programs (including Valley Crossing) because it has decided that it opens up access to all students. Eliminate busing, and the program truly becomes one in which the "haves" (SAHPs, white collar workers with flexible schedules, high income earners who can pay for help) benefit at the expense of the "have-nots" (shift workers, people w/o flexible jobs or telecommuting options, people w/o disposable income). A criticism of SI in an earlier incarnation was that it was elitist, because only the well-off could manage the transportation. You can't claim we are elitist and then try to take away one of the things that helps level the playing field the most. Why do you think SI provides a private-school like environment? The teachers aren't better educated than the other teachers in the district, the parents aren't fundamentally different from the parent population of other district schools, the physical plant is not nicer than other schools, 2/3 of classes are larger, curriculum isn't different (other than language of instruction), etc. I am curious about this perception of our school, since I hear it a lot. As for why you pay for services you don't use - well, my kids are never going to play high school sports, so why should I pay for that? I pay for it because I live in a community, and just because something isn't personally valuable doesn't mean it isn't valuable to the community. My school is not a sacred cow; why should yours be?
save woodbury elem March 15, 2013 at 03:19 AM
-SI should be made to provide their own transportation exactly like an intra-district transfer. The district will provide free transportation to the boundary school. -Accordin to district figures, the following elem schools have classrrom space: armstrong, cottage grove, crestview, grey cloud, hillside, newport, pine hill, pullman, red rock, royal oaks, valley crossing, woodbury elem -According to district figures, the following midle schools have classroom space: cottage grove, lake, oltman, woodbury The total school population thru 2016 is projected to be slow growth -There is plenty of space in the elem and middle schools -I hope the district does not get Crosswinds because we can't afford operating it, remodeling it, and building onto WE. The district is projected to be 27 million in the red with another 25 million in debt service. They need to re-new referendums as well - If we do get it, SI should go there. SI legislators are making the district get Crosswinds. This should be their school. They have no right to kick WE out -We will not be kicked out of our school. This is OUR school -Please note--We will vote out the 5 school board members up for re-election this fall and reverse detrimental decisions made the following year -The Board are the final decision makers regardless of what the 3 superintendents do or say


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