Polling in Today's Political Climate

What does political polling mean to you?

Polling to me is something that is both fascinating and frustrating all at the same time. 

When I, like many, see a poll, I take it with a grain of salt. 

I look at many aspects of the poll such as, what firm conducted the poll and how did they arrive at their results. Polls are so fast and furious in today's political world that it is almost impossible to keep up with them. 

For example, this week alone, I counted 57 polls conducted in just the presidential race, and I am sure that my count was no where near complete. Toss in Senate races, House races, state, and local races, and it is no wonder the electorate (the public) can't seem to keep up. 

I look at polls that show President Obama leading by 5% and then another poll showing him deadlocked with Governor Romney. Then I see another poll showing Mitt Romney up by 2% but still within the statistical margin of error. I would like to think that the general public is up with current events, but the reality in today's world is people are so busy with work, family, and life that they only catch snippets on TV between running here and there. 

No one, with the exception of the media, has time to watch, let alone digest polling information. 

Polling in today's hyper partisan election environment is very tough.  It is not a job I would want nor do I think I would be very good in that role.  What I do know is this, I am going to vote with the knowledge I have of the current President and the Challenger.  I don't need a poll to tell me what I think or really care what anyone pollster or focus group thinks. 

When you strip away all of the polls, attack ads, attempted character assassination attempts by a pliant and overtly liberal press and take a clear look at the facts, it is clear who is the better choice to get America headed back in the right direction.  Imagine standing with both candidates and getting either one to tell the actual truth about how they felt about what ever topics you wanted to discuss.  How refreshing would it be if there were no "gaffes," no "unscripted moments," or "secret tapes." 

What I, and the rest of the electorate want in this country is an open and honest debate.  And the voice of the American public should not be enhanced or diminished by the size of ones bank account!  There is one thing that I do agree with in politics, every politician in every party in some form says, "we are all in this together."  Wouldn't it be nice if they really believed what they said?  I bet the outcome of many of the polls that are conducted would have very different results. 

I have no idea what the results would mean. But isn't that the point, polls don't mean anything today given how they are conducted.

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