Terrorism Confirmed by White House... 8 Days After It Occurred

Terrorism confirmed by White House... 8 days after it occurred! White House's anemic and tardy revelation that, YES, it was a terrorist attack on 9/11/12.

Whew! Only eight short days after denying an act of terrorism occurred that happened to coincide with the anniversary of 9/11, the White House Press Secretary, Jay Carney, has now let it be known that, "it is self-evident," that this was an act of terrorism.  

What was abundantly clear from the outset of these attacks, at least to me, and almost anyone else with a TV and a calendar, is that this was a coordinated attack that had the express purpose of killing our Ambassador and three other Americans. Based on many news reports compiled over the last week, it is very clear that this was not a spontaneous demonstration at our Consulate in Benghazi, but a coordinated action by a group with known links to Al-Qaeda.  

The issue, I have with the White House response over the last week or so, is they are blaming it on a poorly made, little watched video, that was derogatory to the Prophet Mohammad. So much so, that the White House has tried to pressure Google into taking the video down.  

While I found the video very distasteful, I also respect the person who made the videos First Amendment Rights. The other issue I have with the White House's handling of this matter is the way they are trying to control the narrative of the ongoing story. Controlling the narrative is very important since the election is only 47 days away.  

President Obama can scarcely afford to admit this was terrorism, as the American people will hold him accountable since it happened on his watch. His poll numbers have already taken about a five point hit, in the Foriegn Policy area, and with this new revelation, one wonders what this could do to the outcome of the general election.

It is apparent to me that Radical Islamists will use any issue to start a demonstration and inflict death and damage on Americans and American interests abroad. History has borne this out over the years: Salman Rushdi's Satanic Verses, the Dutch Cartoonist and so on and so forth.  

The issue is not what caused the demonstrations, but the utter lack of foreign policy direction in this country. Mixed messages to a group of bigoted men who grant no rights to women, and believe if you are not a Muslim, you are less and deserve death, is a sure way to defeat in the war on terror.  

Author's Note: I have many friends who practice the Muslim faith, and have spoken with them extensively and can say, they don't share the same feelings as the hardcore radicals in the Middle East and parts of Asia.  

My conclusion is this, President Obama has failed in this area along with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The disorganized response coupled with apologies only emboldens our enemies.

The message the United States needs to send to these countries that allow and sponsor terrorism (Pakistan comes to mind), is this: The faucet that pours billions of dollars and the blood of our troops will no longer be available and good luck. To those countries that get the message, they know and understand that they will find no better friend in the world than the United States of America.  

It is really that simple.  I know many will think this is a simplistic approach, but let me ask, why does the solution need to be so complicated?  

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