Craving Costco, Obamacare Reaction, Black Friday Alternatives: Best of the Blogs

Here are the latest posts from Woodbury Patch’s Local Voices.

Here are this week’s blog posts. If you're interested in joining our Local Voices roll, email kris.janisch@patch.com.

Our most popular post of late was this blog about Costco from Craig Thorsen.


Top 5 Things to Do After a Hurricane or Other Major Catastrophe Hits

What to do in the event of a catastrophe like Hurricane Sandy. It is always good to be as prepared as possible! (Caleb Brunz)


Juicing Experience: Day 28

Lookout, I may actually be in a bathing suit this year. lol (Rhonda Fitzgerald)

Obamacare: Some Thoughts

A quick and dirty response to recent Patch comments regarding Obamacare. (Thomas St Martin)

Ken Burns on the Dust Bowl

Ken Burns’ photo-documentary on The Dust Bowl, showing on PBS, has much food for thought. (Dick Bernard)

Inventory is selling and buyers still continue to pick through what's left of the Woodbury real estate inventory while we prepare to give thanks this holiday week. (Matthew Johnson)


Is it Allergies or Black Mold?!

Mold or allergies? A quick dialog on telling the difference. (Caleb Brunz)

Juicing Experience: Days 29 thru 31

I am glad that I could help someone think outside the realm of their normal diet and explore another option that could benefit them in the long run (Rhonda Fitzgerald)

Ken Burns on the Dust Bowl (Part Two)

The Dust Bowl years of the 1930s can serve as a useful window to our own future as a society. Are we willing to listen? (Dick Bernard)


Holiday Home Fire Safety Tips from Paul Davis

Please be safe around the holiday season! Tips on what to look for to prevent fires during the holidays. (Caleb Brunz)


Juicing Experience: Day 32

Even if I can get my co-worker to drink one glass per day, she is one glass closer to a healthier lifestyle. (Rhonda Fitzgerald)

Radioactive Renegade

No duty more urgent than that of giving thanks! Margaret Wachholz)

Alternatives to Black Friday Shopping

No interest in Black Friday shopping, but would like to enjoy some Black Friday specials and have some fun things to do? There are alternatives for which you do not even have to spend anything. (Qin Tang)


School Band Concert Brings Back Memories

We ventured across the river to So. St. Paul to see our grandson (and others) in the fall all band concert at So. St. Paul High School. It brought back memories... (Dick Bernard)

How to Help Your Loved Ones After a Storm

What to do after a storm to support friends and family who have been affected. (Caleb Brunz)


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