‘Edina East,’ Gun Laws, News for Woodbury Homeowners: Best of the Blogs

Here are this week’s posts from Woodbury Patch’s Local Voices team.

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Towards a Rational Conversation on the Regulation of Guns

The gun issue is resolvable, but it will take courageous people with resolve to reverse the current trend towards madness. (Dick Bernard)

Refreshing News for Woodbury Homeowners

Buyers want to buy, but there's not much on the market. May now be the time to sell your home? (John and Becky Durham)

Only 238 homes for sale (including townhomes) combined with record sales activity in January and we are around 2.5 months to sell out. (Matthew Johnson)


Global Warming and All That

First, it is foolish to deny that the planet as a whole is going through a warming period. (Thomas St Martin)

Tips on Staying Healthy During Winter Months

Some ways to come back after the holidays are over, and a co-worker tells you congrats on the baby, which is actually just a food baby. (Katie Hawke)


What is HARP?

Harp loan — over 40% of most neighborhoods are upside down and are not aware they can get help. (Myke LaVenture)

Go Wild!

See the Wild, support the Madison Claire Foundation. (Dana Millington)


The Same-Sex Marriage Debate Revisited

Is same sex marriage really socially harmless? Is there an agenda beyond the agenda? (Thomas St Martin)

Our means of communicating these days are almost unlimited. Wasn't always that way, and may not always be that way, either. (Dick Bernard)

Blame Your Mother?

So, who is really responsible for circumstances in your life? Is it your parents, the neighborhood you grew up in, the horrible teacher you had, or is it YOU? (Jasna Burza)

What Woodbury Really Needs

Why should we just be satisfied with the repuation of being "Edina East"? (Eric Berg)


To help protect groundwater drinking resources, Washington County has a well-sealing program that can cover 50-100% of the cost for property owners to seal abandoned wells on their property. (Angie Hong)

Tax Breaks Granted by the 2012 Fiscal Cliff Negotiations

Ultimately, the event was avoided, but not before legislation was passed which may benefit homeowners nationwide. (Myke LaVenture)

Wedgewood — Woodbury Real Estate Market Update

This time we bring you housing trends for the Wedgewood neighborhood. (John and Becky Durham)

Squire House Gardens: Another Date for its Popular Garden Talk and Tea Series

Events will now run through March 1, 2013. (Deb Larson)


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