Letter: Former District 833 Superintendent Backs Susan Kent

Tom Nelson says Susan Kent “knows our future is directly tied to our commitment to a quality education.”

We get far to few opportunities to vote for someone who has demonstrated and lives their commitment to the improvement of society. 

In Senate District 53, Susan Kent is that person and deserves our support. She is a dedicated parent leader in our local schools to improve the quality of educational opportunities for our young people.

As a retired superintendent in District 833, I worked closely with Susan on key education programs in our schools. I know her as someone who is tough, dedicated, and will always put the interests of students first. 

Over the years I have heard numerous legislators talk the talk about how their No. 1 priority is supporting our local schools, but in reality, once they get to St. Paul these individuals put politics and party first. We have the opportunity to send someone to the State Capitol who has lived a commitment to putting students first.

Susan Kent is that person. 

I have spent over 42 years of my life working in education as a teacher, school business administrator, superintendent of schools, and state commissioner of education. For most of these years, Minnesota schools were some of the best, if not the best, schools in our whole country. We are slipping. Our educational commitment to the next generation is slipping. 

We need people that will not just demand quality results, but will also make sure our schools have the necessary resources to deliver a high quality education for our students. 

I know that great communities have great schools, and great communities support their schools. I know Susan Kent will represent students, parents, and our whole community. She is intelligent, dedicated, and hard working. It is time to hire a state senator that will work for the future of Minnesota. 

Susan Kent knows our future is directly tied to our commitment to a quality education. 

—Tom Nelson


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