Letter: JoAnn Ward Knows What Will Boost Minnesota’s Economy

Woodbury resident Charlotte Franey says the DFL candidate’s “small-business experience is needed in the state Legislature.”

Don’t be swayed by Republican special interest group’s misleading, false attacks against JoAnn Ward.

Ward is running against Pam Cunningham in House District 53A, which encompasses the west side of Woodbury, and parts of Maplewood and Oakdale.

You deserve the truth.

They are claiming that DFL policies forced JoAnn Ward’s family business to move to Wisconsin. This is a ridiculous claim. JoAnn's husband's business is located in Hudson, Wis., and employs many Minnesotans.

JoAnn Ward and her family business worked to improve Minnesota’s small-business climate. JoAnn’s husband, Joe, even testified before House and Senate jobs committees about their experience, urging more pro-small-businesses policies in the state of Minnesota.

One of the reasons JoAnn is running for state representative is to improve the business climate in Minnesota. Ward’s small-business experience is needed in the state Legislature, and JoAnn has the experience and priorities to do what’s right for Minnesota’s small businesses.

She knows small businesses are vital to our state's economy and she will put their interests ahead of corporate special interests. 

I know that JoAnn Ward will work to get our economy back on track and create jobs. That's why I'm supporting her on Nov. 6.

—Charlotte Franey, Woodbury


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Frederick Hess October 21, 2012 at 10:06 PM
Thanks Charlotte for your letter. I was going to write a similar letter but you beat me to it. These attack adds are so vicious. Every time I receive one in the mail I look to see if the candidate sent it or if a PAC sent it. Who are some of these guys? They must have lots of money to be throwing around. So do they think folks are naive enough to believe the accusations without doing some research? If anyone has more questions on the Wards business activities I suggest they call Joe or JoAnn directly and get the truth.
Washington County Watchdog October 23, 2012 at 11:14 PM
lol you know buisness taxes are half what they are in Washington County? Hence the reason for the challenger for the Oakdale's mayor position's oposition to the bridge construction. The class warfare the DFL wages against "the rich" who happen to own small businesses has most of them voting republican. They're not interested in the lectures they have to hear about them not "paying their fair share" or having to battle DFL supported unions... lol, be honest, would any local democrat business owner want their employees to unionize instead of just looking for the better paying job down the street? High taxes, government micro management, unions, etc... are all reasons most business men and women vote republican. However, both democrat and republicans provide loopholes and favors for "special interest" groups just look up any politician R or D for their voting record.


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