Letter: Kieffer’s Campaign Contributes to Negative Ads

Adam Carlson, of Woodbury, questions the tactics of the House Republican Caucus.

It may have taken a few years, but Rep. Andrea Kieffer has finally shown her true colors. 

If you're anything like me, you're sick of the negative political ads that show up on TV and in our mailboxes this time of year. What you probably did not know is that one of our local representatives is directly supporting the production and funding of many of those ads.

Generally, the nasty part of politics is left to outside groups with no limit to what they will say or do to get their chosen candidates elected. This allows the actual politician to stay above the fray and deny any direct involvement with these negative ads that so many in Woodbury have come to despise. That is why I was surprised to learn that Andrea Kieffer recently contributed money to a group notorious for funding these outrageously negative ads.

According to a recent Campaign Finance report, Andrea Kieffer's campaign committee recently donated $1,500 to the House Republican Caucus. This is the same group that viciously attacked former Rep. Marsha Swails, Kieffer's opponent during the 2010 campaign. The 2010 ads and mailers featured some personal issues Swails had suffered as a result of a difficult divorce. There was no reason to attack a local, award-winning teacher so personally. But Kieffer never condemned the attacks.

The HRCC hasn't changed their ways either. They are responsible for tens of thousands of dollars of negative ads in and around Woodbury in 2012.

Is Kieffer's contribution to them a “thank you” for their help trashing Marsha Swails two years ago? Or is it a signal to GOP leadership that she is willing to play ball and move up the thinning Republican ranks at the Capitol?

Moreover, this was not Andrea Kieffer's personal money. This was money taken from contributors to her campaign. I can be almost certain that her contributors didn't know she would be sending their money off to St. Paul to do the GOP’s dirty work. As a contributor to other campaigns in the past, I would be angry

I hope the people of Woodbury look beyond the smiles and talk of bipartisanship. Kieffer's political loyalty is more clear than ever and it does not rest in Woodbury. May you and your party cronies in St. Paul reap what you sow, Mrs. Kieffer. 

—Adam Carlson, Woodbury


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Jane November 05, 2012 at 09:29 PM
Andrea's is no leader. She supported the ugly attacks on Marsha Swails. She also supported the marriage amendment because of political pressure from the Republican Party. She says she won't vote for an amendment she put on the ballot. She's no leader.


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