Letter: Show a Little Patience on Woodbury Roads

Woodbury resident Jeanne Considine says people should remember that were all new drivers at one time.

Impatient drivers need a reminder that there are a lot of new drivers in Woodbury this summer.

Unfortunately, my daughter was harassed by one because she slowed down when turning off of Radio Drive onto Valley Creek Road.

As she was taught in driver's ed, a yield sign means you don't have the right of way and you look for others who do. This impatient driver not only laid on his horn, but pulled up next to us and started swearing and yelling at her.

When I tried to explain she was a new driver, he just swore more and made an obscene gesture as he sped away. I wish I had gotten his plate number to report him to the authorities.

We were all new drivers at one time. Please try to be considerate on the roads.

—Jeanne Considine, Woodbury


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Informed parent August 09, 2012 at 04:15 PM
I couldn't agree more with Jeanne. With a daughter practicing with her permit, it's frustrating to see how Woodbury drivers respond to these new young drivers. It should be obvious to all drivers that these young drivers are following the rules and driving according to MN laws. Be nice drivers and let our young drivers enjoy their new freedom as we did as teenagers.
Ralph McGraw August 09, 2012 at 10:32 PM
I also can agree with you. Others should really think before using their horn. All you are doing is creating a serious situation. The person you are honking at could panic and do something rash. Or you could find that person who just might aid you in the proper placement of your horn. Start a few minutes earlier when planning your trip. You'll feel a lot more relaxed. Enjoy life.
Karie Nicolich August 10, 2012 at 05:00 PM
I also agree with you! I have a student driver as well and I had the same thing happen to us at the corner of Valley Creek and Woodbury drive. We had a RED light and my daughter wanted to turn RIGHT onto Woodbury drive. She pasued a little to long for the person behind us and they too honked their horn! IT IS A RED PEOPLE!!! It actually frightened her and she stepped on the gas thinking she had to go. NOT!! there were people truning left onto Woodbury drive from the other direction! We almost got in an accident! After we finally turned, the lady was waving her hands at us and yelling! For the love!!! Really??? Come on people!
Linda Richardson August 16, 2012 at 07:17 PM
I totally agree that Woodbury Drivers need to take a "Chill Pill"! I have lived in this area for many years and I see this impatient, dis-respectful, rude behavior from Woodbury-its all the time. Even when I pull into the Woodbury Post Office to drop off mail at the outside postboxes. I pull up and gather up my mail to deposit in the mailbox and sure enough, some idiot behind me is already honking their horn. Seriously! this is unbelievable. How about Woodbury drivers get with the notion that if someone is in front of you, it is their turn to turn, move, deposit mail, whatever first! Then, when they are done, it can be your turn. It's called "Manners" and "Waiting for your turn". We learned these behaviors in grade school, remember!


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