Letter: Walking for Woodbury Rep. Andrea Kieffer

Jessica Schrimp outlines why she supports the incumbent in this year’s race for the House District 53B seat.

“Good afternoon, I’m Jessica Schrimp and I’m walking with Andrea Kieffer.” After a quick knock on their door, these are the first words I say to many Woodbury residents I have had the opportunity to speak to—and encourage to vote for our current representative, Andrea Kieffer.

Door knocking with Andrea has been both a unique and rewarding experience this summer.

As a political science and communication arts major at UW-Madison, I was thrilled to have the chance to work on Andrea’s reelection campaign. These last three months have not only taught me about how much effort is demanded in order to campaign effectively and reach out to as many citizens as possible, but also that we are fortunate to have such a sensible and competent representative speak for us in the Minnesota Legislature.  

I have known Andrea for over 10 years, and walking the neighborhoods of Woodbury with her in the summer heat has only reinforced my belief that she is an intelligent, capable woman that serves as a positive role model to anyone who wishes to participate in the local political environment.

Not only does Andrea constantly keep Woodbury’s best interests in mind as she speaks and votes in the Legislature, she also strives to listen to concerns from the entire political spectrum. 

I have witnessed the attention Andrea devotes to her constituents by conversing with Woodbury residents while door knocking, reaching out to nearly every attendee at her community meetings, and most importantly, reinforcing to all citizens that they can always email or call her with questions.

When I send my absentee ballot to the polls in November, I can feel confident that my vote for Andrea Kieffer will contribute to a brighter future for Woodbury, in the experienced hands of this representative. 

—Jessica Schrimp


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Jennifer September 06, 2012 at 08:24 PM
A door-knocking conversation with Andrea and her husband showed this educator that she clearly misunderstands my profession's strengths and needs. While our conversation was kind and we agreed to disagree, it became obvious to me that she does not share my world view on this nor most other issues. I'll be proudly voting for Ann Marie Meztger.
Paul September 23, 2012 at 02:01 AM
Mrs. Keiffer was swept in, like the nutjob Lohmer, along with the 2010 Tea Bagger wave. She wil be swept out, when Woodbury voters return to Planet Earth.....hopefully this November. Meztger is a much better candidate, and Ann Marie is much more business-friendly.
Chris Soukup October 01, 2012 at 10:50 PM
@Paul- Chamber of Commerce says different on business friendliness- See endorsements. Metzger doesn't have the capacity to smile let alone hold a civil (or intelligent) conversation. Kieffer will be right where she belongs come Nov 7-- getting ready for a 2nd term at the Capitol.


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