Letter: Woodbury Rep. Andrea Kieffer Tracks Voter ID, Marriage Amendment

The re-elected House member also thanks voters for their support on Election Day.

As we move on from election season to the holiday season, I would like to thank Ann Marie Metzger for her willingness to run for office in Woodbury District 53B.

I know it is not easy, but challengers keep the process competitive, and that is a good thing. As our former Mayor Hargis used to say, “iron sharpens iron, and that’s when the sparks fly.” 

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Every election cycle is important, but I was particularly anxious to see the results of the ballot questions so I could get a better pulse of our district moving forward. 

In summary, the senate district was similar with 43.07 percent (53A) and 43.20 percent (53B)—most of you do not think we should amend the constitution to define the word “marriage.”

The photo ID question was a bit more split with 52.79 percent yes in 53B, and only 46.43 percent yes in 53A (JoAnn Ward’s side of senate district). 


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I will keep you informed of these and other issues as they are addressed in the next legislative session. My focus will remain the same: prudent fiscal policy and common sense reforms.

I encourage you to stay in contact with me. The most effective way for a quick response is to email me at rep.andrea.kieffer@house.mn, but you may certainly call 651-296-1147 as well.

Thank you for the positive job approval rating you gave me on Election Day. 

Congratulations to Senator-elect Susan Kent and Representative-elect Jo Ann Ward as well. I look forward to working together as we represent you at the capitol. 

—Andrea Kieffer, Woodbury House District 53B


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David Salchow November 15, 2012 at 02:56 PM
For the record, Representative Kieffer voted "Yes" on the marriage amendment bill. (S.F. 1308) http://www.house.leg.state.mn.us/votes/votes.asp?ls_year=87&billnum=SF1308&session_number=0&year=2011&id=460 Also, for the record, Representative Kieffer voted "Yes" on the voter ID bill. (H.F. 2738) http://www.house.leg.state.mn.us/votes/votes.asp?ls_year=87&billnum=HF2738&session_number=0&year=2011&id=756 Representative Kieffer does not exactly state a position in her article, but I believe her voting record does.
Chris Soukup November 15, 2012 at 04:06 PM
David- I'm sad that you didn't put the same thought into reading the article as Rep Kieffer did into writing it. Everyone knows how she voted on these bills. What you obviously missed is a very rare occasion of a public servant acknowledging the number of people that opposed these amendments and committing to be active in the issues as they come up again this legislature (as they most certainly will). I can't stand people like you that would rather play 'Gotcha' political games rather than realize the good things that a political opponent is trying to do. That you can take such a sincere comment and turn it into something negative is a gift, David. I thank Rep Kieffer for constantly reaching out to the community, leading with class and making herself available. I hope I'll be able to say the same for our newly elected DFL reps.
Jane November 16, 2012 at 11:32 AM
Chris, you should be sad but not about David's comments. You should be sad we have a Rep. pretending to support an amendment she voted to put on the ballot. You should be sad Rep. Kieffer lacked the integrity & leadership to say no to this divisive amendment. If she wants to make amends, Kieffer should issue an official apology to the voters in our community & to the people she hurt by supporting discrimination for political game. There was nothing sincere about Kieffer's comments or yours. We don't need Kieffer to tell us the marriage and voter id amendments were defeated (it's public information). Kieffer should tell us why she supported the two divisive amendments? She has yet to answer that question.
Chris Soukup November 16, 2012 at 02:09 PM
Jane (no last name)- The question has been asked and answered. It was devisive so she chose to let voters decide. Those that were against it should be glad she did. The message wass sent and received. I will never ask a rep to make amends for giving the people the power to decide an issue.
D. Merridee November 21, 2012 at 04:31 PM
Chris, I agree with Jane. Why did Kieffer support the atrocity of amending our constitution to discriminate against our citizens? The facts are that Minnesota doesn't need Voter ID to keep our elections fair and balanced and we certainly don't need to interfere with the private lives of our LGBT community. Considering the fact that same-sex marriage is already not legal in Minnesota it's clear there were other games at play here and that stinks of bad politics. That isn't how Minnesotans expect or deserve to be treated. Hopefully, the next time we address same-sex marriage will be to move forward and make it legal in our great state. It's unreasonable to do otherwise.


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