More Frozen Yogurt in Woodbury: Readers React

There was plenty of feedback on the news of Orange Leaf’s plans to open in Woodbury.

Following the news of a third frozen-yogurt shop to open in the city, several Woodbury residents voiced their opinion on our Facebook page and on the site.

Orange Leaf plans to open at the intersection of Hudson Road and Woodbury Drive. See: Another Frozen Yogurt Shop to Open in Woodbury

Below is reaction to the news.

Woodbury Patch Facebook page

Kristy: Not a smart move. Way too many.

Kristin: I would agree, and in a town of 60,000 really??? I get competition but that’s why so many places open and close so quickly.

Beth-Ann: Don’t any of these folks do market research or have business plans?

Kathryn: Let’s see—too many of the following: Frozen yogurt shops, mattress stores, nail shops, banks, pharmacies, chain restaurants. Not enough of: Cool, unique shops, non-chain restaurants.

Kathryn: Plus, $5 for a yogurt—really too much.

Daniel: Did you know you can't find wiper blades for your car in Woodbury? There is not one single auto parts store. WTH, does everybody take the bus.

Justin: Lol WTH

Amanda: Nooooooo

Ceres: Okay, why not a regular ice cream place like Baskin Robbins???? What about a buffet style restaurant with different soups and lots of options for salads, call it Souper Salad!

Doreen: This is nuts—How about Fresh Fields or a decent bakery. Do they all really think they will make their business a success?

Beth: My husband complains about the lack of auto parts stores, too. I wish Woodbury had a toy store. We had three a few years ago—now we have none.

Michelle: Agree on the auto parts store and toy store. A friend of mind opened a yogurt and soup place in Milwaukee. Called it “frozen ladle.”

Lauren: I have always wanted to open a second DQ on the east side of Woodbury. Our DQ is always packed! I've heard it’s the busiest in the state, and I’ve also heard that others have unsuccessfully tried to open a second one. Or a Culver’s would be awesome.

On the story

Laura: Not sure we Woodbury really needs 3 yogurt shops...

Scott: Another Applebee's would be nice.

Susan: No, I want another mattress store! Re: Yogurt/ice cream. The only place I go to is the DQ. We probably need another article in the Bulletin about the differences between the yogurt and ice cream shops in town so we can make educated decisions about which one best meets our needs...

Vicki: With all those yogurt shops popping up (I am sure Susan’s proposed article would point out that yogurt is high sugar, and the toppings usually high fat, so we're not getting healthier on yogurt), we'll need to add a couple more CVS and Walgreens stores!

D.J.: I got it! ... A hair salon that does nails too and you can get a slice of pizza and a frozen yogurt while getting your hair/nails done. I don't know what’s worse, the multiples of shops in Woodbury or all the home-based pyramid scams the bored housewives get into.

SomeGuy: While I wish them well and success, this is still another reason to drive in to the cities, Stillwater or Wisconsin for dining, shopping and entertainment. For the benefits of Woodbury (there are many), the community continues to live up to its reputation for lame dining/retail, horrible traffic management in cookie-cutter beige surburbia.

Susan: I love living in Woodbury but I have to agree with SomeGuy about the lame dining/retail and traffic management. However, I would give Hudson, WI the award for horrible traffic management.


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Kris Janisch December 26, 2012 at 06:43 PM
Forgot about LeAnn Chin, thanks L.
KAnn January 01, 2013 at 02:57 PM
My husband and kids really want a KFC in Woodbury!
Kris Janisch January 01, 2013 at 03:05 PM
Aren't Twin Cities KFCs becoming Popeyes or something?
White Lace Cakes March 24, 2013 at 03:28 PM
To Kathryn (comment #4)- Regarding unique shops..you should come over for a visit! At White Lace Cakes - Patisserie and Parlour there's no frozen yogurt here.. but a spectacular array of really great desserts, French macarons, croissants and of course cake. The shop (Patisserie) is really opulent yet quaint and totally different from anywhere in the cities that you have ever been. Just on the Woodbury outskirts at 1403 Helmo, Oakdale.
Kris Janisch March 25, 2013 at 01:51 PM
Thanks White Lace, how are things going? (http://patch.com/A-0c2N)


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