Newtown Shooting Reaction, Remembering Señor Sommer, Super Heroes: Best of the Blogs

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Bailey Lake—A Review

The new Bailey Lake development may be the best 1950s era design that we will have built in Woodbury in the 2010s. (Eric Berg)


A Little Free Library for Woodbury!

Little Free Libraries are popping up everywhere, in Twin Cities and around the world. Let's build one for Woodbury! (Qin Tang)

Feeling Grief... Embracing Joy

Like every mother in this country, I spent the past weekend navigating through the minefield. This is an offering of my trudging through the grief to find joy in the simplest of moments. (Meagan Frank)

2nd Amendment Debate: Are We Capable of Hard Work or Are We in Real Trouble?

When people cannot have dialog, without letting their emotions and their strong need to see things completely black and white get the best of them, then we are really in trouble. (Caleb Brunz)


Cherished Moments: Tuesday Trials

Today was lost, but tomorrow is promising. (Rhonda Fitzgerald)

The Five Most Destructive Storms of 2012

2012 was a year for the books; from a superstorm to a super-hot summer, we’ve seen record after record shattered by Mother Nature. (Caleb Brunz)

There was an election recently and with that now over corporations are making their plans for the next few years and they need to be in the job by Jan. 1. (Matthew Johnson)


Cherished Moments: Setting Goals

It is important to set short- and long-term goals. (Rhonda Fitzgerald)

Newtown Continued: Thoughts for Those Who'd Like to Change the Conversation About Guns in America

Changing the status quo on guns or anything else is doable, but difficult. Here are some personal thoughts on the matter of change. (Dick Bernard)

There is still time to sign up for a morning filled with challenge, excitement and FUN! Visit www.cecool.com for more details. (Rebecca Kropelnicki)

Saving Trout

Valley Creek, in Afton, is the only place in the Twin Cities metro area where native brook trout naturally reproduce. (Angie Hong)


To My Teacher

We will never forget. (Chloe Spencer)

Cherished Moments: Hard Times

Hindsight is better than foresight. (Rhonda Fitzgerald)

Trips include: Southeastern Treasures, April 1-7; Canadian Rockies, July 9-18; The Trains of Colorado, Sept. 26-Oct. 4; Autumn in New England, Oct. 4-11. (Rebecca Kropelnicki)


Today... The End of It All?

We've come to believe that we can control things. Let's do our best, and enjoy and make the best of what we have. (Dick Bernard)

Cherished Moments: Shared Psychosis

Can two people really share the same hallucination? (Rhonda Fitzgerald)


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