Practice Your ABCs Before School’s Out for Summer

Plan ahead before your kids hit you with the inevitable "I'm bored."

The rhythmic schedule of school days will soon burst into bedlam. Summer vacation!

On June 6, kiddos will leap from those big yellow buses with glorious abandon and glee. And, according to my calculations, their unbridled enthusiasm will last approximately four hours before the first summer refrain of, “I’m bored” rattles in your brain.

You have three weeks, 15 school days, left to do whatever you must before they descend upon you—those pinging pods of attention deficit with their frequent interruptions, food requests, messes and merrymaking.

Use your time wisely.

Our son’s elementary school teacher established a theme for the remaining days of school. Each day’s theme corresponds to a letter of the alphabet. For example: A for American Day, B for Bring Your Favorite Book Day and C for Wear Your Favorite Color Day. You get the idea.

So, for funzies, you should make a similar list of theme days to prepare for the launch of summer vacation. It might go something like this:

A for Activity Arrangements.  If you need full-time childcare, get that covered. Even if you only need childcare for certain days or weeks during the summer, make those Arrangements now for peace of mind.

Just want some “for fun” Activities on the calendar? Day camps fill up. So check your schedule and be sure to register before desired camps and classes are full. Great camp/class resources include: Woodbury Parks and Recreation, , Community Education, Science Museum of Minnesota and St. Croix Sailing School.

But don’t over-do it! I suggest sprinkling scheduled activities over time. Allow for free play and spontaneity. Like a picnic, a bike ride or playing in the sprinkler.

B is for Bulk! Stockpile food. Not sure how our children survive on the single-serving lunches they eat during the school year. Because in summer, they graze. In packs! With their crumb cruncher friends in tow, they invade kitchens, seeking, and destroying with a flourish, whole Batches of cookies, Bowls of strawberries, Bags of chips.

Also, keep a stash of travel-ready foods. I’m often tossing snacks into a cooler to accommodate our rather random summer schedule. Freeze a box of Capri Sun for cooler cold packs. Once thawed, they’re ready to drink on the go! Find a stylish insulated tote bag from Home Goods. Great for toting treats and drinks around.

C is for Clean and Coordinate. The stacks of handprint animal art and historical figure book reports with crayoned covers that you’ve been saving all school year must go. Sort and store a few precious items. Chuck the rest. Trust me. I’m doing you and your “one day grown up kid who won’t want that box of Crap” a favor.

Clean those Closets. Outgrown clothes and unused toys should go in a garage sale or be donated to a local charity. Check under the beds. Change the sheets. Attach the Crevice tool to your vacuum!

Then, kick back and enjoy your few remaining days of solitude. Because they’re coming… Soon!


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