Shooting Reaction, Google+, Philosophical Musings: Best of the Blogs

Here are this week's blog posts.

Here are this week’s blog posts. If you're interested in joining our Local Voices roll, email kris.janisch@patch.com

Our most popular post this week was actually this one from Brittney Harvin that ran back in January. Maybe it was the title: Welcome to 2012: The Year We Are All Supposed to Die


Cherished Moments: My Journey

Save a life. Improve a life. Enjoy life your to the fullest. (Rhonda Fitzgerald)

As Another Year Nears Its End...

Recent happenings have caused me to update two previous posts, and to write my 2012 "Christmas Message," which focuses on gratitude and today. (Dick Bernard)


Cherished Moments: Lost & Found Happy Place

Taking deep relaxing breaths does not always work. (Rhonda Fitzgerald)

You Better Watch Out! Ways to Stay Happy and Healthy During the Holidays

What do you get when you mix a real Christmas tree covered in glass ornaments, a couple poinsettia plants, and a table piled high with food? Let’s just say: You better watch out! (Dr. Gary Gosewisch)

Sophistry Reigns

Sophistry didn't die with the ancients. Much to our detriment, it's still very much with us... (Thomas St Martin)


Google+ Communities Are Here!

Google Plus Communities are now here. Will G+ finally challenge Facebook? Is this the big thing we've been waiting for? (Cherie DeBrule)

This means our current level of inventory is 2.8 months or less than 3 homes per buyer on a monthly basis! (Matthew Johnson)

Cherished Moments: Anxiety Struck

The only person's opinion that matters is my own. (Rhonda Fitzgerald)


Giving the Gift of Play

Year-end giving and giving the gift of play. (Dana Millington)

Cherished Moments: Hump Day

Small blessings. (Rhonda Fitzgerald)


Growth is Not a Bad Word

Highlighting the struggle in achieving healthy balance between capitalism and sustainability. (Caleb Brunz)

Cherished Moments: Time Bomb

A mind is a terrible thing to lose. (Rhonda Fitzgerald)


How to Talk to Children About Violence in Wake of Newtown School Shooting

Our children deserve information and support on the violent events in Connecticut. How can we best do that? (Mary Upham)

Ice Dams Again?

Are we going to see the same issues with ice dams that we had during the winter of 2010-11? Read on to find out how ice dams form and how to prevent them. (Caleb Brunz)

Cherished Moments: I Am Monday Again

Considering today a huge success. (Rhonda Fitzgerald)


Since forever, at least in America, we've had repetitive incidents of gun violence wantonly killing people, most recently in Newtown, CT. Will we ever learn? (Dick Bernard)

Don’t Let Christmas Pass You By And Feel Empty Again…

“It’s the holiday season… so whoop dee dooo” (Margaret Wachholz)

Cherished Moments: Day of Discovery

Your heritage/DNA is important to your medical care. This is a must read. (Rhonda Fitzgerald)


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