Woodbury Reaction to Local Races, Voter ID, Marriage Amendment: Election 2012

Letters to the editor and blog posts about this year's election.

Woodbury residents over the past few months have taken the time to write letters to the editor or post blogs about local candidates, ballot initiatives or politics in general.

Here's a recap.

Letters to the Editor

Letter: Lillie Not the Moderate He Seemed at First

Letter: Kieffer’s Campaign Contributes to Negative Ads

Letter: Nancy Remakel Would Bring Foresight to the Washington County Board

Letter: Lisa Weik Delivers as County Commissioner

Letter: Nancy Remakel is a Common Sense Leader

Letter: Lillie Not the GOP Leader He’s Made Out to Be

Letter: JoAnn Ward Knows What Will Boost Minnesota’s Economy

Letter: Setting the Record Straight for Ted Lillie

Letter: Susan Kent Would be an Asset to the Minnesota Senate

Letter: Former District 833 Superintendent Backs Susan Kent

Letter: Former Washington County Commissioner Backs Lisa Weik

Letter: Nancy Remakel Responds to Recent Letter to the Editor

Letter: Remakel Helps Put Woodbury in Top 10 U.S. Cities

Letter: Commissioner Lisa Weik is a ‘Champion for County Taxpayers’

Letter: Pam Cunningham is a Unique Candidate for State Representative

Letter: Elect Nancy Remakel as Washington County Commissioner

Letter: Pam Cunningham Works Toward Solutions

Letter: Weik Out of Touch With Local Taxpayers

Letter: Weik Answered the Bell as Washington County Commissioner

Letter: Former Woodbury Administrator Backs Remakel for County Board

Letter: Nancy Remakel Has ‘Thorough Knowledge of the Issues at Hand’

Letter: Leadership Matters—Elect Nancy Remakel to Washington County Board

Letter: Walking for Woodbury Rep. Andrea Kieffer

Letter: Lisa Weik Works for Woodbury Taxpayers

Letter: Lisa Weik ‘Hits the Right Notes’ on Property Taxes

Letter: Lisa Weik Will Get My Vote this Fall

Blog Posts

A Catholic's Opinion on the Marriage Amendment: Vote No

The Voter ID Constitutional Amendment: Committing Personal Suicide With Your Right to Vote

Fearsome Fundraising Prowess

The Concept of 'Union' As I Knew and Know It

Seeing Red

Same-Sex Marriage: It’s Not Harmless

Why They Can't Tell the Truth

The Woodbury Forum for Senate District 53 Candidates

League Forum Leans Left

Vote No Once; Vote NO Twice

Same Sex Marriage?

The Proposed Amendments to the Minnesota Constitution

Fact Checking... The Newest Partisan Fad in Psuedo Journalism

Polling in Today's Political Climate

Walking with JoAnn Ward in the Woodbury Days Parade

Most Important Debate for Americans to Watch is Within the Republican Party

Vice President Joe Biden Visits Minneapolis

Election 2012 'Out of the Blocks'


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