Rogue Waves

It's as simple as a wave . . . ripples rolling softly to shore.

Living on the lake has really opened my mind to many new thoughts on life. It’s as though the lake has a life of its own and it speaks to you if you watch and listen.

Like all lives, outside elements can cause changes, stress and even wrinkles.

In the morning if the outside elements are just right, you can actually observe the lake wakening up for the day. Remember the phrase “it’s darkest before the dawn?” It truly is the darkest time and it’s at that moment the lake starts its journey into a new day.

The calm that had settled upon the lake sometime during the night starts to shift with the rising of the sun.

As dawn appears on the horizon, its reflection on the water starts to slowly move with the slightest of breeze. Just those subtle movements on the surface of the lake cause a chain reaction spreading down into its depts. If you watch closely you may see the movement of the surface water as the small fish move up toward the surface to find food.

As you continue to watch you may see larger swirls and even a splash from a fish trying to grab a flying insect for breakfast. If you are truly lucky you will see the “V” formation ripples made by a passing otter. It's morning on the lake and everything is waking up.

As the sun rises higher and higher over the trees the first sign of boaters and fishermen appear on the lake. The hum of motors, move as a breeze to fill the once stillness of the lake and the quiet of the morning. These boaters change the surface of the water depending on style of boat and the speed in which they travel. A canoe leaves a very small, quiet footprint on the water while a high speed boat leaves a wake of rolling water in its path.

One of the waves that have caught my attention recently, I refer to as a “Rogue Wave."

It’s a wave that just seems to appear from now where. Is short in length as you are able to see both ends and is tall enough to catch your attention. As all waves leave a ripple effect that continues on and on, the rogue wave is like a burst of energy. It’s almost like a comment a person would make, like a shout, phrase of words or just one word in passing that leaves you wondering, “Where did that come from? I didn’t expect that to be said.”

Our words are like ripples on the surface of the water. Once you speak, the ripple of those words that are said will either cause a long quiet ripple effect which slowly fades in a distance or a Rouge Wave effect that splashes to shore from nowhere leaving the hearer wondering.

Which type of ripple or wave do you leave behind, a gentle “V” or a “Rouge Wave”?

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