Alleged Peeping Tom Hit With Felony Charge

The incident happened at the 1500 block of Parkwood Drive in Woodbury.

A Cottage Grove man faces a felony charge after he was allegedly spotted looking into the windows of a Woodbury apartment building hoping to see a “naked adult woman.”

That’s according to the criminal complaint against Jeffrey Scott Hurst, 41, who was convicted of a similar crime in Ramsey County in November 2002.

On Dec. 22, 2012, a woman who lives at the 1500 block of Parkwood Drive called police after receiving a text message from her neighbor about a man looking into her windows, according to the complaint. She confronted the man, who said he wasn’t doing anything and asked her not to call authorities.

Police obtained the license plate number of a truck he was driving and questioned Hurst about the incident at his home, according to the complaint. He told officers he was in Woodbury at Wal-Mart but denied being anywhere else in the city.

At Hurst’s home, officers found a set of wet boots that matched tread marks in the snow outside the woman’s apartment, the complaint says. He then admitted to police that he was looking into the windows in hopes of seeing a naked adult woman, according to the complaint.

If convicted on the invading privacy charge, he faces up to two years in prison and a $2,000 fine.


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