Blotter: Bouncer at Woodbury Bar Tases Someone During Fight

Elsewhere, a woman confronted litterer who she said threatened to stalk her.

The following information was obtained from recent police reports.

A man was Tased by a bouncer at Throwbacks Bar and Grill on Dec. 19 during a fight involving multiple people. By the time officers arrived the fight was over and those involved had left.

A man reportedly threatened a woman who confronted him about littering outside the Woodbury CVS Pharmacy on Dec. 21. The woman told police that he asked her how she would like it if he start watching and following her. Police arrived and talked to the man, but were unable to substantiate the woman's claims. He was holding what appeared to be some trash in his hand when the officer arrived. He was released without being charged.

Woodbury police responded to a call of three loose horses in the road at the 7200 block of Military Road on Dec. 16. The owner was able to corral them.

Police received two calls of an injured deer on Dec. 16, one from a resident at the 6100 block of Valley Creek Road and another at 1300 block of Cadarwood Circle.

A concerned parent called police on Dec. 16 to report that her 11-year-old daughter was online and had clicked on an unknown link and was brought to a site depicting a man engaged in lewd acts. Police discussed Internet safety with the woman.

A woman at the 2600 block of Cornelia Trail called police on Dec. 19 to report that she heard two gun blasts from an area north of her home. Police did not find anyone with a weapon in the area.

Police were called to the 11300 block of Waterview Way on Dec. 19 on a report that a team of horses was traveling down the road. Police learned that the horses were from Windy Ridge Ranch and were pulling a group of people singing Christmas carols. Police told the woman who called in that as long as the riders were cleaning up after the horses, there was no violation.

A Woodbury squad car struck and killed a deer at the 1700 block of Oakgreen Avenue North on Dec. 16.

The rear license plate of Woodbury man's vehicle was reported stolen while it was parked at the Woodbury 10 Theatre on Dec. 16.

A woman whose aunt lives on the 10600 block of Brookview Place called police on Dec. 16 because residents across the street had often complained about her car honking when it was being locked with the key remote. Police said they would speak with the neighbors.

A Woodbury woman called police on Dec. 16 after her car was broken into while it was parked at Axel's Bonfire restaurant. The Nissan Sentra's front passenger-side window was broken and a laptop bag, iPod pouch, flash drive and Imation corporate ID badge had been stolen, among other items.

Police were called to the Woodbury Wal-Mart on Dec. 16 on a shoplifting report. Police were able to apprehend the suspect, who had walked out of the store with nearly $500 in merchandise.

Police were called to the 1600 block of Century Circle on Dec. 17 by a resident complaining of loud music and a loud television playing in a nearby apartment. Police will issue the culprit a noise ordinance violation by mail.

Police were called to the Sunglass Hut on Hudson Road on Dec. 17 after someone left without paying for a $140 pair of sunglasses.

A woman at the Woodbury Old Country Buffet called police on Dec. 17 to report that a couple who had been making threats against her since the night before showed up at the restaurant and made additional threats.

Police were called to the intersection of Interstate 494 and Valley Creek Road on Dec. 17 on a report of a fight. When officers arrived they found no one there.

A water main broke and soaked the front area of a home at the 10700 block of Sailor Way on Dec. 18.

A vintage Tron video game was reportedly broken into at DeLeos Bros. Pizza on Dec. 19; police received the call on Dec. 20. An employee said the suspect was captured on a store surveillance camera, and he appeared to match the description of a suspect in a previous burglary at the restaurant.

Police were called on Dec. 21 after several sprinkler heads—valued at $150 each—were broken at Stonebridge Construction. Workers told police they suspected a carpenter's union may have been involved in the crime, as union representatives had been pressuring the company to join.


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