Charges: Man Threatens Newspaper Deliveryman with Baton: 'You Ready for This Bro?'

A 20-year-old Woodbury man allegedly threatened a Pioneer Press newspaper deliveryman with a "whip it stick" after a road-rage incident in the area of Eagle View Boulevard and Settler's Ridge Drive

A 20-year old Woodbury man has been charged with a felony after he allegedly threatened to beat a newspaper deliveryman with a baton.

Woodbury police were called to the area of Eagle View Boulevard and Settler's Ridge Drive on Nov. 11 at about 5 a.m., for a report of a road-rage incident.

When police arrived, a Pioneer Press newspaper deliveryman told police he was driving his vehicle very slowly in the area of Eagle View Boulevard, so he could see the addresses.

According to the complaint:

While delivering the papers, the man told police an unknown vehicle approached his vehicle from the rear and began tailgating him. At that time the newspaper deliveryman motioned for the other driver to drive around him.

At that time, according to the complaint, the driver of the other vehicle, Sean Winson Fitzpatrick, accelerated, cut off deliveryman’s vehicle, stopped diagonally in the middle of the road way, got out of his vehicle with a baton and started yelling: "Are you ready for this bro?"

The deliveryman told police he was afraid Fitzpatrick was going to assault him, so he drove over a curb and sped away.

The deliveryman then called police with the license plate number of the suspect’s vehicle. When police arrived at Fitzpatrick’s house, he told police "I know why you're here,” the complaint states. “It's for the incident with the other driver, isn't it?”

Fitzpatrick was eager to talk with the officers about the incident, the complaint states. He “freely showed them his vehicle” and his "whip it stick" which is a 20" to 30" long black stick similar to a Billy club.

Fitzpatrick told police he never displayed it to the newspaper deliveryman.

While interviewing Fitzpatrick, police noticed an odor of alcohol, and he was given a preliminary breath test, which registered a .19.

Fitzpatrick was charged with felony terroristic threats and fourth-degree criminal damage to property.


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