Flirtatious at Freeziac, Baby Mama Drama, Basket Case: Woodbury Police Blotter

Selected calls to the Woodbury Public Safety Department from Nov. 7-12.

The following information was obtained from recent police reports.

Nov. 7

A Minneapolis man told police he was fired from Dickey’s BBQ because he was voting and late to work the day before. 

A motorist stopped for a lane violation at the 6400 block of Lake Road registered a .107 on a preliminary breath test and was booked on suspicion of DWI.

Police were called about a suspicious man who opened and closed a mailbox on Woodbury Drive. Officers were unable to locate the individual.

Nov. 8

Following reports of a man asking suspicious questions at Freeziac, police were able to make contact with the individual. After speaking with him, officers determined his intentions may have been to flirt with female employees at the shop and he simply came off the wrong way. Still, he was issued a trespass notice. He works nearby.

Police were called about a man who was driving his motorcycle across lawns in the area of the 1600 block of Lamplight Drive. Officers briefly made contact with the man, who became belligerent and confrontational and went inside his home and refused to come out. He then went into his garage and revved the motorcycle with the garage door closed. Charges will likely be filed.

The remains of a deer, in two trash bags, were dumped along Dale Road.

Nov. 9

A jewelry box was reported stolen from a home at the 7200 block of Steepleview Road in an apparent burglary.

Police tracked down three people suspected of shoplifting at JCPenny and found them with several stolen items in a lot at Woodbury Lakes. They were arrested and transported to the Washington County Jail; another who was with them was charged for driving with a cancelled license.

Police were called to a Woodbury school about two parents acting strangely during a program. Officers learned they were on methadone and recovering from drug addictions.

A man called police following a road rage incident. He said others had previously called about him regarding similar incidents and he wanted to “return the favor.”

A man who was fired from a Woodbury business started yelling and talked about “calling OSHA about a football pool.” He made no threats; workers wanted the incident documented.

Nov. 10

A CD player, iPod, purse and other items were reported stolen from a car whose window was shattered while it was parked at the CVS Pharmacy on Eagle Creek Lane. 

A resident called police after a woman left two small children in her car and went shopping in a store at the 10500 block of Hudson Road. When officers arrived she was back in the car and said she had only gone in for a few moments. Police advised her of the dangers of leaving her children alone in a car and told her she needed a child’s seat for one of the kids. Officers told the woman she would be able to buy one at Walmart.

A Bonnieview Circle resident called police after someone apparently threw something at her and her friends while they were sitting in her hot tub. Police arrived and learned that one of the people in the hot tub confronted a group of juveniles, one of whom was carrying a pumpkin. The pumpkin was dropped and they ran away. Police were unable to locate them.

Police were called about a suspicious basket at the 600 block of Markgrafs Lake Drive. An officer found a Tupperware container with dirt inside.

Police were called about a man banging on the front door of a home at the 7800 block of Rimbley Road. The man—who was drunk and said he had been dropped off by a friend—told officers he was trying to get into the home of his “baby mama.” Nobody answered the door. Police dropped him off at an area gas station, where he planned to attempt to contact friends for a ride home.

Nov. 11

Car keys, a $700 MoneyGram order and $100 in cash were reported stolen from a vehicle parked in a garage on Hazel Trail. There was a similar report in the area and police have suspects in the cases.

Near the intersection of Eagle View Boulevard and White Eagle Trail, a road rage incident broke out. One man stopped in the middle of the road, blocked another vehicle, got out of his car with a baton and started screaming at the other driver. When the other motorist went to drive around, he hit the car with the baton. Police have a suspect in the case.

A woman called police after she confronted a man she had dated a few times about money he had borrowed. She told police she tried to slap him, but he punched her in the face. She had a swollen lip but declined medical attention. She told police she would come to the Public Safety Department to issue a formal statement. The incident occurred in the parking lot of Wild Bill’s.


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David Salchow November 20, 2012 at 08:56 PM
And I thought I was a mediocre flirter...
Kris Janisch November 20, 2012 at 09:00 PM
Ha! Any ladies out there dig a Southern accent?
Kris Janisch November 20, 2012 at 09:00 PM
*at least half the time?
David Salchow November 21, 2012 at 03:51 PM
No takers, huh Kris ;-)


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